Get The Xiaomi Yeelight E27 Smart LED Bulb For Only $11.89

Xiaomi is a company that is well known for its high quality and cheap products which make life easier and better for everyone.  Get the original Xiaomi Yeelight E27 smart LED bulb and enjoy an easy and beautiful lighting experience. This bulb uses professional high-temperature resistance-capacitance as a power core device to ensure ultra-long lifetime that is up to 11 years.  This amazing product is offered on Gearbest for just $11.89.

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Xiaomi Yeelight E27 Smart LED Bulb

Xiaomi Yeelight E27 Smart LED Bulb – What’s So Special?

It fully adopts high-quality LED chips and this 4000K white light with adjustable brightness provides you nothing short of a wonderful lighting experience with its professional optical design protects your eyes.  This is a great home lighting tool and it’s perfect for late night movie lovers who wouldn’t want light interference on the TV as it can be reduced to minimum levels. The Yeelight E27 smart LED bulb keeps the lighting in your room beautiful and bright and creates a feeling as though your room is illuminated by the real sun.

Yeelight E27 Smart LED Bulb

Great For Studies

When reading a book, we need bright light to save our vision and when we are getting ready for bed or need to relax with friends, we need a dim soft light for a more comfortable atmosphere. This is guaranteed by the original Xiaomi Yeelight E27 smart LED bulb brings you pure, natural and comfortable white light as well as balances the brightness thereby producing appropriate lighting for reading, watching the TV or producing a cozy atmosphere for relaxing with friends.

Xiaomi Yeelight E27 Smart LED Bulb

With Yeelight E27 smart LED bulb you don’t have to get up from your bed to switch off the light or stand up from that reading table to reduce the brightness as it can be remotely controlled using the WiFi system anytime and anywhere. This control is not limited to a single bulb as multiple bulbs can be controlled simultaneously.

Xiaomi Yeelight E27 smart LED bulbWith a beautiful design and commendable chips, this bulb consumes less power than ordinary light bulbs and it sports a strong protection against thunder, overload and overheating.  This 8W, 0.1A bulb with an AC voltage of 200V is amazing for every household. It works well with the iOS system, Android system, and Alexa. You easily can download Xiaomi Smart Home App, connect the bulb to your network then enjoy smart lighting.

Xiaomi Yeelight E27 smart LED bulbThe original Xiaomi Yeelight E27 smart LED bulb is currently available on Gearbest for just $11.89. Depending on your location and preferred shipping option, this product may be brought to you for FREE.



I have been a strong follower of Android devices since the release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Right now, Chinese tech completely fascinates me because they are probably the only manufacturers who tries to merge budget and specs.

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