Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones: A water-resistant sports model

For those of us who love music and enjoy listening to it anywhere, the Chinese company, Xiaomi, offers us a series of articles whose main objective is to fulfill this requirement and an example of this are the Xiaomi Mi Headphones – 2nd generation, a very interesting headphones, but our star today is not far behind, that is why today we will meet the Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones, which are added to this repertoire and promise to create a pleasant environment to perform a variety of activities. Stay with us to discover more about this device.

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones: Package Content

The Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones come in a box that meets the following dimensions: 18 x 12 x 5 cm and have a weight of 0.120 kg, while inside you will find the following accessories:

    • 1x Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones
    • 1x USB cable
  • 5x Pair of pads

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones: Design

As for the design of the Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones, we can mention that they have a minimalist appearance and are presented in 2 versions: White with gold details and black with touches in olive green, being ideal for any occasion. From this, we have that the main construction material used is polycarbonate (PC), which is why they are totally flexible and resistant.

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones: DesignAlthough these headphones can be carried anywhere, they are mainly a sports model and due to this, the company adds a slight inclination that adapts perfectly to the pits of our ears, thus allowing an incredible adjustment even at angles of up to 360º, for which we can run and jump without having to worry for them.

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones: Design

The Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones feature a copper coil, which is attached to an ultra-thin diaphragm in order to reproduce a more defined sound and is also made of a metal that delivers a realistic audio experience.

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones: Design

In the right earphone we can appreciate a control unit that consists of a USB connection, a multi-function button (on/off, hang up and off-hook), a volume control button and a LED indicator, the latter is illuminated to show the state of the connection, charge and battery level. It also provides us with a microphone in order to use the headphones as a hands-free device when we connect them to the phone.

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones: Design

A point to emphasize is that these are not a common accessory to go running, these are very resistant headphones that feature IPX4 waterproof certification, providing an ideal protection against splashes and body sweat.

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones: Design

Last but not least, there is nothing better than going to run listening to our favorite music through headphones, which we will hardly notice that we wear them and this is because they are extremely light, with a weight of just: 13.6 grams and dimensions of 44 x 8.00 x 2.60 cm.

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones: Design

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones: Sound

In order for this type of device to stand out from all the options on the market, it must deliver a high-quality sound and that will depend as much on its construction as on the capacity it possesses. Therefore, thanks to its manufacturing material can effectively reduce any distortion of the loudness, getting all the music and voice calls to have a much more real and clear audio.

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones: Sound

In terms of its potential, it offers a frequency response between 20-20000Hz, with an impedance of 32ohms accompanied by a sensitivity of 102dB ± 3dB and complements its range with noise cancellation technology, so we can enjoy a high-quality audio both when playing our favorite music and when talking by hands-free.

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones: Battery

The Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones guarantee quality time to enjoy a pleasant sound throughout our day, so it is very important to know the lapse in which we can use them. Therefore, it offers a battery of lithium polymer that offers a capacity of 120mAh, which will provide us with up to 11 hours to listen to our musical repertoire, 10 hours to chat during a call, 8 hours for movie playback and 260 hours in standby mode with a full charge.

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones: Battery

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones: Compatibility

Concerning the compatibility of the Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM headphones, we can mention that it promises us an impeccable connection, counting on Bluetooth version 4.1, so it will be perfectly adaptable with our Smartphones, iPod or Tablets. If you like to run, walk, dance or perform any activity that distracts you from your daily obligations, these headphones will be an excellent option, because thanks to them, you can listen to music and answer calls, in the same way, you can use them as a hands-free device, you will only have to activate the Bluetooth on your device and press the headset button to pair them correctly, having a range of up to 10 meters of distance without obstacles in between.

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones: Compatibility

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones: Specification Table

General information
Manufacturer Name Xiaomi
Product name Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones
Model Headphones
Manufacturing materials Polycarbonate (PC)
Color Black and white
Weight 13.6 grams
Dimensions 44 x 8.00 x 2.60 cm
wireless networks
Bluetooth version 4.1
Scope 10 meters away
Type Lithium polymers
Capacity 120 mAh
Hours of use Music: 11 hours, Calls: 10 hours, standby mode: 260 hours
General Music support, answer phone calls, song change
Package content
Include 1x Pair of Xiaomi Earphones YDLYEJ03LM, 1x USB Cable, 5x Pair of pads.

Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones: Where to buy it?

Currently, we can find the Xiaomi YDLYEJ03LM Headphones in Gearbest, Aliexpress and Banggood online stores for a price of $21 (€24.42), for that reason, if you want to enjoy this beauty, we will leave you the purchase links below:

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