Xiaomi XMTZC02HM Smart Weight Scale with Bluetooth 4.0 offered for $58.99

Weight control is a hot topic for many, especially for those who have a tendency to be overweight. Even for those who do not have such problems, it is not superfluous to have scales at home. The old scales are becoming useless, as they only tell about weight, and it is time to give way to a younger and more advanced descendant. Among the smart scales, Xiaomi XMTZC02HM Smart Weight Scale turned out to be the most advanced and with the most democratic price, which plays, perhaps, the decisive role in the selection.

Xiaomi XMTZC02HM Smart Weight Scale

So, today are we are going to tell you about the latest Xiaomi XMTZC02HM Smart Weight Scale. The latest device is also known as Xiaomi Scale 2 by many as it is the iteration to the Smart Weight Scale series. The latest model has similar features to the previous Mi Scale, however, the device has also received a number of improvements and changes. By the way, the first scales were sold quite well, and this is a reason Xiaomi has improves a lot with its new weight scale. Now the latest device not only checks your body weight but also measures Basal Metabolic Rate, BMI, Body Fat Percentage, Bone Mass, Muscle Mass, Portable, Protein, and Visceral Fat.

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Xiaomi XMTZC02HM Smart Weight Scale

The body of Xiaomi XMTZC02HM Smart Weight Scale is made of nice premium white plastic. The screen of the device is hidden inside the body of the device elegantly, which is bright enough to be seen while standing on it. On the upper part, there are four metal circles through which current pulses pass. Human health is not threatened, with rare exceptions. In the centre, there is the Xiaomi Scale 2 logo embossed in a reasonably compact size, especially in terms of thickness. The device weighs only 1.8 kilograms which allows you to hold them with one hand without much strain. On the back side of there are four rubberized legs, which prevent possible slipping and make them more stable.

Xiaomi XMTZC02HM Smart Weight Scale

Being a smart device the Xiaomi XMTZC02HM Smart Weight Scale is connected to the smartphone through Mi-Fit application and Mi Bands as well. After connecting the Xiaomi Scale 2, the application asks some necessary details like gender, weight, age and other parameters to analyse everything according to that. The app also gives instructions for using the device.
Maximum weight which Xiaomi Scale 2 can calculate: 150 kg. It is natural to weigh on these scales correctly without shoes and socks, i.e. barefoot, because The app shows many options besides weight. That includes body fat level, water level, visceral fat level, muscle and bone mass, etc.

Xiaomi XMTZC02HM Smart Weight Scale

The Xiaomi XMTZC02HM Smart Weight Scale performs its function flawlessly, and there is no problem with connection and synchronisation to the smartphones. A lot of measurable parameters will be useful to someone, not to someone. The device offers many uniquely useful functions: the ability to memorise and track your weight for a long period of time saves your time by not writing it down a piece of paper.

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Xiaomi XMTZC02HM Smart Weight Scale

The Xiaomi XMTZC02HM Smart Weight Scale can successfully replace outdated weighing scales and not just become a nice piece of furniture on the floor. Also, since they are always in sight, no, no, yes, and weighed) Friends who will come to visit are also interested in this device and do not disdain to use. Girls only ask to turn away so that the result is not seen. No one knows that the scales are tied to the smartphone on the Bluetooth and you can still know the result even from the next room))) But they don’t need to know this.

Where to buy Xiaomi XMTZC02HM Smart Weight Scale?

The Xiaomi XMTZC02HM Smart Weight Scale is available on gearbest for just $58.99.


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