Xiaomi Xiaowei X4 Intelligent Foam Dispenser Review

I think many came across the name of the brands when they were looking for the product they needed. So it was with me when I wanted to take a review of the Xiaomi foam dispenser, and inattentively chose Xiaowei X4, which, suddenly, is the “Xiaomi Cooperation Brand”. But as it turned out after use, this is still the best that humanity could come up with (I’m talking about the device itself).


The appearance of the package was slightly damaged during transportation, but retained the contents holistically. So, if you believe the packaging, then we have an automatic foam dispenser.

Xiaomi Xiaowei X4

On the sides there is a detailed description of the main components of the dispenser, and on the other hand, instructions for getting started. To do this, it is enough to equip the battery compartment with batteries, pour liquid soap and turn on the device.

Xiaomi Xiaowei X4 Xiaomi Xiaowei X4

Complete set without batteries and detergent.

Xiaomi Xiaowei X4

Xiaomi foam dispenser Specifications:

• Manufacturer – Xiaowei [Xiaomi Cooperation Brand] • Model – X4 Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser
• Color -White
• Production materials – ABS + PC
• Tank capacity – 350ml
• Supply voltage – DC 6V
• Maximum power – 1.8W
• Sensor operating range – 3-5 cm / 1.2 “-2”
• Moisture protection – IPX4
• Battery – 4 x AA Batteries (Not Included)
• Dimensions – 84 x 207mm
• Weight – 350g

Xiaomi foam soap dispenser Design:

The Xiaomi Xiaowei X4 foam dispenser itself is a plastic container for washing liquid and a control unit with foam supply. At the top is the only touch control that flashes white when turned on and red when turned off.

Xiaomi Xiaowei X4 Xiaomi Xiaowei X4

At the bottom is a sensor located at an angle of 13.5 degrees. Range is 3-5cm.

Xiaomi Xiaowei X4 Xiaomi Xiaowei X4

The capacity of the tank under the soap is 350ml. To prepare the consistency, mix liquid soap and water in a ratio of 30/70. After mixing, bring to a homogeneous mass and install the upper part.

Xiaomi Xiaowei X4 Xiaomi Xiaowei X4

In the lower part of the upper block there is a place for 4 AA batteries, which are covered with a lid with elastic around the perimeter.

Xiaomi Xiaowei X4

I tried to disassemble by unscrewing the screws at the bottom, but something did not go further. Apparently sits tight.
Therefore, it dilutes the water with soap and fill the tank. But since I did it already 3-4 days ago, a little less than half remained. Of the minuses, there is immediately the difficulty in mixing liquid soap and water to a uniform consistency. You have to rest your palm and shake, and then tighten the upper part.

Xiaomi Xiaowei X4

Now a few words about use. With a single supply of foam, approximately 12ml is poured, which is enough to soap the hands of an adult. Adjusting the amount of foam is not provided, but in vain, if this is enough for an adult, then this is abundant on the female and children’s hands.

Xiaomi Xiaowei X4

Another nice bonus is the smell of foam. That is, when using ordinary liquid soap, there is a smell, but not as pronounced as from the resulting foam. Magic!

Xiaomi Xiaowei X4 Xiaomi Xiaowei X4

After a week of use, this device replaced the usual manual dispenser, and the child washes his hands now 5 times more often than before. And it can not but rejoice! I recommend to all parents!

Xiaomi Xiaowei X4

Where to buy Xiaomi Xiaowei X4 Foam Dispenser?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banngood, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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