Grab The Xiaomi AI Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker For Just $12.99

Two days ago, the Xiaomi conference was held at which it was presented Mi Mix 3. It was the most important point of the event, but not the only one. CEO Xiaomi, Lei Jun also presented to the world a Bluetooth speaker called Xiaomi Xiaoai Bluetooth Portable Speaker Edition.

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Xiaomi Xiaoai Bluetooth Portable Speaker Edition

Xiaomi Xiaoai Bluetooth Portable Speaker Edition

The newest in the new portable speaker relative to the rectangular predecessors is the Xiaomi AI voice assistant built-in Xiao Ai. The mini speaker only appears in white and is very light, weighing only 52 gram. The device is hermetic, it can be used, for example, in the bathroom or other places where it is exposed to water.

The new Xiaomi XiaoAi Bluetooth Speaker was released to the market with a price of $7

I have other portable Xiaomi speakers and despite their small size they “play” quite decently. The new gadget has to offer even better sound quality thanks to DRC technology, it is a dynamic sound compression algorithm that provides a cleaner sound with no distortion and adequate bass.

The Xiaoai speaker can be used as a handsfree or virtual helper at work. The voice assistant offers useful functions such as weather forecast, remotely launching the equipment from the Xiaomi ecosystem, or establishing a telephone connection to someone on the contact list. The device communicates using Bluetooth in the 4.2 version There is one big minus, the assistant knows only Chinese.

Features of the Xiaomi XiaoAi Bluetooth Speaker

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Thanks to the voice commands, this product is capable of playing music, answering phone calls and many other things. Finally, this new Xiaomi speaker comes with a 480mAh battery and promises 45 days of standby time or 4hours of active use.



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