XIAOMI WSKEN Portable 2 in 1 Fan with Phone Holder For Just $18.59 (Flash Deal)

XIAOMI WSKEN Portable 2 in 1 Fan with Phone Holder provides a cool, natural breeze for every individual on the journey. This will be the perfect choice for those who want to find flexibility and mini while still ensuring the optimal cooling effect. Because fan accessories are portable, the fan design is quite focused to provide flexibility when using and storing for users. Specifically, with dimensions of 7.87 x 4.01 x 1.53-inch, you can flexibly bring XIAOMI WSKEN Portable 2 in 1 Fan to anywhere, store neatly in a bag without being cumbersome and cumbersome.

In addition, high-grade ABS materials and the ability to handle all small details also contribute to increasing the aesthetics of fans. Moreover, this high-grade material also offers high durability, limiting fouling, scratching and minimizing no less volume for fans only 165g, extremely compact. Details such as the handle, the holder are properly machined. Therefore, XIAOMI WSKEN Portable 2 in 1 Fan will be very flexible when you want to take along on a picnic, travel or table on the office very appropriate.

XIAOMI WSKEN Portable 2 in 1 Fan has a powerful, durable brushless motor is equipped. The motor operates efficiently with 4W power but still does not produce engine noise, the sound speed is low at only 40dB. To restore the cooling effect closest to the natural wind, XIAOMI WSKEN Portable 2 in 1 Fan has been equipped with soft 3-wing fan design. Besides the 360-degree tornado structure, the ability to cut the airflow is uniform, strong but still soft when affecting the user’s skin. 3 flexible wind levels for users to switch with just a simple button to suit their cooling needs.

XIAOMI WSKEN Portable 2 in 1 Fan is equipped with a long-life lithium battery with a capacity of up to 3350mAh for continuous operation for up to 8 hours (depending on the wind level). In addition, the USB charging interface is extremely flexible for users to flexibly supply power to the computer, backup charger, charging cup with other charging devices with just 3.5 hours of convenience.

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