Xiaomi WS1 Intelligent Humidity Control Dehumidifier Offered For $320.86

Xiaomi is a brand that has grown from strength to strength releasing product daily that tends to solve various problems of human life.  Like we all know,  Dehumidifier is one important device, lets quickly see the benefit of having a Dehumidifier for those that ain’t aware of it

  • cleanses the air of bacteria, thus reducing the risk of infection in the winter and allergy in the spring. In short, bacteria and viruses do not perform well when the air is properly humidified.
  • the skin becomes more “alive”. Cold and dry air, causes dryness, flaking and accelerated skin aging.
  • dry air “dries out” the sinuses. Do you work in an air-conditioned room and have problems with sinuses? Air-conditioning dries the air, placing a humidifier in the bedroom will help in the fight against bays and snoring. The end also with a low voice after waking up.
  • potted plants also do not like dry air, do it in an Amazon apartment ?
  • are you cold? Find the other half, buy a blanket or humidifier. At low humidity, we feel as if it was colder in the room.

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WS1 Efficient Intelligent Humidity Control Dehumidifier from Xiaomi Youpin- White

The Xiaomi WS1 Intelligent Humidity Control Dehumidifier comes in a minimalistic shape and design. Its classic white color makes it nice and a beauty to behold. It takes the shape of must Xiaomi humidifier with a little difference at the top of the device as this humidifier has a slightly curved top. It is quite potable with a dimension of 29.00 x 19.40 x 47.80 cm and has a total weight of  5.00Kg. With this weight and size, it simply means that the device can be placed anywhere in the home, without consuming much space.

WS1 Efficient Intelligent Humidity Control Dehumidifier from Xiaomi Youpin- White

The Xiaomi WS1 Intelligent Humidity Control Dehumidifier features an intelligent humidity control. The humidity has an adjustment range of 40% to80%, which would allow the user to choose suitable humidity freely. It is embedded with a built-in high sensitivity and precision humidity sensor, which automatically detect indoor environment humidity when the indoor humidity is higher than the set humidity, the compressor will automatically shut down, when the humidity rises, the compressor will automatically open and maintain a constant humidity. It comes with compressor for both power and stability.  It double-roto turbo compressor ensures strong power, stable performance, and full dehumidification.  It comes with a 1.8L water tank and can be timed to work between 1 – 8 hours

WS1 Efficient Intelligent Humidity Control Dehumidifier from Xiaomi Youpin- White

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Main Features:

  • Fast dehumidification, for 30 square meters area
  • Panasonic compressor, power, and stability
  • Intelligent constant humidity, the adjustment range is 40%-80% humidity
  • Efficient dehumidification, wide-angle air supply, daily dehumidification capacity 10 liters
  • Touch the control panel, the water tank water tank itself stop
  • The timing function, no need to care
  • Water tank capacity: 1.8L, timing time: 1 – 8 hours, rated power: 180W

Where To Buy The Xiaomi WS1 Intelligent Humidity Control Dehumidifier

The Xiaomi WS1 Intelligent Humidity Control Dehumidifier is currently available on Gearbest for $320.86




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