Xiaomi would be working on an E-Reader device

Among the wide range of Ecosystem Mi products that the Asian brand produces, on more than one occasion, Xiaomi has been asked about the possibility of adding an E-Reader to the brand’s product portfolio. Li Chuangqi, Senior Product Manager at Xiaomi, responded to a question of this kind by leaving open the possibility of seeing such a device sooner than previously thought.

Amazon, the E-Reader market leader

A user of the social network Weibo asked about the reasons why Xiaomi has not designed a device similar to the Kindle, Amazon’s e-book reader, the Senior Product Director of Xiaomi, Li Chuangqi, responded with a categorical ”wait”.


The E-Reader market is practically monopolized by the Amazon Kindle, which has represented a remarkable leadership over other similar products of brands such as Kobo, BQ or Tagus, which have also ventured into this market that seems to be gaining momentum. The simplicity and usefulness of an electronic reader is the ingredient that has taken Amazon to the top of the market, but with Xiaomi as a possible competitor, conditions could change.

In the electronic book market, it is Amazon who leads in a remarkable way, and although sources close to Xiaomi rejected the possibility of an E-Reader due to the little connection that a device of this type would have in the philosophy of an interconnected home, perhaps with the passage of time has opened the possibility of designing a product of this type to compete with Amazon in the sector.

Although there is no information available on the characteristics of the possible product that Xiaomi would launch or an official confirmation, it is a matter of time before we see any announcement that shows the device, because if there is a brand that can threaten the leadership of Amazon in this market, it is Xiaomi.

Source: My Drivers

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