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Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Mouse is offered for $27.63 only

Xiaomi Wireless mouse
Xiaomi Wireless mouse

If you are someone who works on a laptop for long hours, you would understand how important having the right mouse is. A mouse gives you the freedom to manage multiple windows at the same time and quickly navigate through the operating system for work. Not having the right mouse can mean a lot of wastage of time.

Earlier, a long wire would be attached to a mouse to help you function seamlessly. Slowly the trend changed to bring in wireless mouse. However, Mi is changing the game with the Mi Portable mouse which is not only attractive to look at but boasts of a host of features that would make your life and work much easier.

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Attractive Design

What will strike you the most is the attractive body of this mouse. Made from environment-friendly ABS plastic and aluminum alloy, this mouse has a smooth and beautiful exterior. The minimalist design of the mouse gives it a classy look. The material used on the body protects it from scratches and fingerprints.

Xiaomi Wireless mouse
Xiaomi Wireless mouse

The front button requires just a gentle touch – a pressure of just 0.6N for perfect functioning.

The surface of the Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Mouse is metallic and has been made in a manner to mimic high-end laptops. The beautiful design of this mouse makes it a perfect match for expensive laptops.

Furthermore, this mouse has been given an ergonomic design that allows both left and right-handed users to use this mouse with equal ease and comfort.

Xiaomi Wireless mouse

Designed to Deliver

If you have struggled with a mouse that does not respond to anything but a black surface, you must switch to the Mi Portable Mouse. Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Mouse is fitted with a high-precision laser sensor that makes it compatible with just any surface. So you do not have to struggle while working on the go. From mousepads to glass, this mouse will offer the best at all times.

Xiaomi Wireless mouse
Xiaomi Wireless mouse

Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Mouse comes with a Bluetooth 4.0 chip that allows you to connect without wires. It also supports 2.4G wireless connectivity. You can connect this mouse with two computers at the same time. This mouse is ideal for data processors and designers who work with multiple screens at the same time.

It comes with a photoelectric sensor that user advanced laser technology. This creates a higher contrast on most surfaces.


This mouse is priced at $27.63 and can be easily purchased online. To buy Xiaomi wireless Bluetooth Mouse follow the link below:

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