Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Computer Speaker Now Available For $119.99 In a Flash Sale of Geekbuying

One of the essential peripherals for many on the computer without a doubt are good speakers, and that everything is more enjoyable and work more at ease if while doing so you can be listening to your favorite music, without forgetting the sound of movies, games, video chats, conferences or any other type of audio, even if they are not more than the incoming mail notifications. Today we want to talk about Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Computer Speaker that not long ago the company has launched on the market, this time it is a few speakers designed to be used with the computer but the fact is that being a Bluetooth model we can match them with our tablet, mobile or any other Bluetooth device, in fact, if you are interested in this model you can now find it for sale on Geekbuying for a price of $119.99 while the flash offer in which they are.

Buy Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Computer Speaker For $119.99

The wireless speakers of Xiaomi, are a 2.0 model that will provide us with stereo sound, with a flat audio output to offer the highest possible fidelity of sound, freeing us at the same time from an excess of cables on the desk and freeing up workspace thanks to your Bluetooth connectivity. The calls My Bluetooth Computer Speakers, offer us a power of 12W per unit, with a total power of 24W, with an SNR level of 53 dB and an impedance of 4 ohms.

These speakers have a Bluetooth chip compatible with MP3, AAC, APTX, APTX-LL, as well as other audio formats, compatibility with aptX allows us to enjoy sound quality similar to the sound of a CD, so Bluetooth technology will not be an obstacle to have a great sound quality and a clear and clear reproduction.

Another advantage of being a Bluetooth model is that it will not be necessary to have the speakers attached to the monitor itself but we can place them in another position or area, in order to maximize the sound effect or to receive more clearly the sound they reproduce. they will work in range ranges of up to 10 meters with the device they are connected to, although we must highlight one thing, it is only a half-wireless model, which is that they do not require a direct connection to the computer via cable, but they do we will have to connect them to the electric current since they do not have an internal battery for it.

With a really careful design, these speakers have been manufactured with an anodized aluminum body and a quality front cover, this model has a volume control in the front area of one of the speakers, as well as an internal microphone that It will also allow you to use them as hands-free, or use them to make video chats, video calls or similar without having to opt for an additional microphone.

These speakers will also be compatible with other computers or systems that do not have Bluetooth technology but to make the connection in these cases, we will have to use the cable jack that comes with the speakers to pair them with all kinds of devices or players by cable.

The speakers My Bluetooth Computer Speakers of Xiaomi, maintain the minimalist style to which Xiaomi has accustomed us, a rectangular design with curved edges that has its own presence, in one of the speakers just in the front area, there is the volume controller, while that as we mentioned in the lower part of one of them is the microphone as well as a status LED. Their high-quality materials, their finishes, and their features, as well as their ease of use, make these speakers an attractive and different model, with the own style and performance of a Xiaomi product, but with the best sound quality.

Buy Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Computer Speaker For $119.99

Thanks to the Flash sale, the Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Computer Speaker is currently available at Geekbuying. You can buy for $119.99 and it would be delivered to your destination for free.


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