Get Ready United States! Xiaomi will be reaching soon…

A few months back, Xiaomi stepped up to become an international brand in the world with the launch of their franchise in the second most populated country, India (it is the time when India is busy with initiative like Digital India, Ration Card, etc). For the Chinese manufacturer, that was just the beginning.

But, the question still wonders in everyone’s mind:

When will Xiaomi be selling their products in the US and Europe markets? How will they compete with world’s top products?

While interviewing with Bloomberg News Xiaomi’s International Business Executive ‘Hugo Barra’ said that the smartphones will soon be on sale in the Western Lands (US), but the specific release date has not been set.

Xiaomi USA 1

Hugo Barra also stressed, Xiaomi selling smartphones in the United States will be similar to China, via online retail channels, and social network marketing.

With Samsung and Apple as the conquerors along with Huawei, ZTE, and other domestic smartphone manufacturers, US smartphone market is fiercely competitive for Xiaomi. Moreover, Chinese products are considered inferior by most of the US audience, vice-versa of China. Hugo Barra is optimistic, he believes that this company can achieve success, after all, users prefer cost-effective products worldwide.

Xiaomi USA

Besides, he also emphasized that before the second quarter, IDC sent data which was inaccurate because in June Mi Smartphone alone sold 700 million units.




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  1. Dear @xiaomi, in USA do not repeat the Russia mistake, where your partner, #Svyznoi sells your producrs twice expensive as on AliExpress

    1. Wow, seriously! Here in Pakistan, people smuggle Xiaomi products as they are banned here and continue to sell them twice the price.

      On AliExpress, see a good seller with the four or five stars. And know the original price. It will be only 10 to 20 dollars higher and more if the product is a new release.
      Worry not because Xiaomi will have the official site for buying products and local stores (maybe), like in India.

  2. if Xiaomi want to get it in the US, they must start using gorilla glass 3 or above, because people in the US dont like phones that break after one fall

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