Xiaomi WiFi Router 4, connectivity within reach of your home for $49.99

Xiaomi continues in its progress to improve the lifestyle of users, and the Xiaomi WiFi Router 4 is one of those products that meet that premise, this device represents an improvement in the home interconnectivity experience.

Xiaomi WiFi Router 4 Security

With the latest Wi-Fi interconnectivity features and dual-band availability, the Xiaomi WiFi Router 4 enables faster and more stable connections on all devices in the home, which can amount to up to 128 devices connected to the Router simultaneously.

Xiaomi WiFi Router 4: Design, Materials, and Construction

Xiaomi WiFi Router 4 Construction

Xiaomi maintains its philosophy of simplicity and minimalism in the design of the Xiaomi WiFi Router 4, available in white, its measurements of 200 x 178.98 x 26.29mm make it a compact and adjustable product to any space in the home.

Xiaomi WiFi Router 4 Back Ports

On the other hand, its frosted plastic cover makes it a decorative instrument adaptable to any indoor environment, simple geometry that can be integrated into any space.

Xiaomi WiFi Router 4 Holes

The design of the device also has features of functionality, and is that its measurements make the perfect space for the inclusion of materials such as aluminum and magnesium alloy, and heat conductive glue, which match the holes at the bottom and Rear of the Router, facilitating the dissipation of heat in an efficient way, avoiding overheating.

Xiaomi WiFi Router 4: Fast, efficient and secure connections

Xiaomi WiFi Router 4 Conections

The router has 4 antennas that allow a wide and strong coverage around the home, the antennas allow a dual frequency connection of 2.4G + 5G, two independent WiFi signals for different contexts, 2.4G for greater distances and physical obstacles in the space, and 5G connection for greater speed in less loaded spaces. Support for the 802.11ac protocol allows fast data transmission and more convenient navigation.

Xiaomi WiFi Router 4 Antennas Gain

Xiaomi WiFi Router 4: MIOT Support, an efficient Wi-Fi Connection Protocol

Xiaomi WiFi Router 4 Caracteristics

MINet button is designed for the intelligent devices of Xiaomi, which supports the connection protocol WiFI MIOT, ensuring fast access for new devices without needing to enter a password, greater simplicity, greater security.

Xiaomi WiFi Router 4: Connectivity features

Xiaomi WiFi Router 4 Processor

The Router has an MT7621A processor with two cores of up to 880MHz and 128MB of memory, ensuring connections, loading and unloading more data in less time, allowing a better experience when downloading movies, games, files of great weight, between other formats.

Aplication Xiaomi WiFi Router 4

The Xiaomi WiFi Router 4 adapts quite well to Xiaomi applications and interactivity with other devices of the brand, allowing connecting the Router with your Smartphone, with options such as router management, changes in the speed limit in the connection, and Router optimization.

Xiaomi WiFi Router 4: Final Conclusions

The Xiaomi WiFi Router 4 is more than an attractive offer for users who love good internet connection and uninterrupted entertainment on a wide range of devices, 4 antennas with independent dual band availability, MIOT Support and interactivity with Smartphones make the Xiaomi WiFi Router 4 an aggregate that will definitely make a noticeable difference at home.

Xiaomi WiFi Router 4 Smart Devices

Xiaomi WiFi Router 4: Coupon

In this opportunity, Geekbuying offers us a discount coupon to obtain the Xiaomi WiFi Router 4 for $49.99 (€43.34). The normal price of this device is $66.99 (€109,810). If you want to purchase the device, we leave you below a direct link to the official Geekbuying website.

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