Xiaomi WEMAX ONE Laser Projector Review [Coupon]

Many people are still looking for large TVs. They are ready to pay a fortune to acquire a screen at 100-150 inches. But since last year, when Xiaomi launched the world’s first cost-effective laser projector, this market started gaining momentum. Currently, there are a dozen laser projectors you can get your hands under $2500. But as we are dealing with a new type of product, many customers still don’t know what are the most cost-effective brands making laser projectors and what features they should pay attention to. At this moment, we can name at least 6-10 laser TVs that should grab your attention. Among them, we should mention the Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector, JMGO SA, Xiaomi Mijia Projector, LG HU80KA projector, Hisense Laser TV, etc. And just recently Xiaomi came in with another projector that is way more powerful than the much-popular Mi Laser TV. Today, we are going to review the Xiaomi WEMAX ONE.

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Xiaomi WEMAX ONe

How to choose a good and cost-effective laser projector?

Previously, when there were only Japanese laser TVs priced at tens of thousands of dollars, they were considered to be luxury products that local tyrants can afford. But Shenzhen Appotronics Technology Co., Ltd. completely broke the price threshold of laser TVs. This company with a sense of mission, adhering to a rigorous attitude, after ten years of research and development, shocked the market by launching ALPD laser display technology, absolutely guaranteeing high quality.

Xiaomi Wemax One

Usually, consumers who buy a laser TV should pay attention to the core factors of brightness, color, contrast, and resolution.

First, look at the brightness of the WEMAX ONE, up to 180nit. It is capable of providing amazing projecting effect regardless of the fact, whether the curtains are open or the lights are turned on.

Xiaomi Wemax One

To understand whether the Xiaomi WEMAX ONE is capable of reproducing the true colors, the best way is the comparison. In the pictures below, our protagonist was compared with other projectors. It is on the right. As you can see, this projector stands out due to the use of ALPD3.0 laser light source – the color performance is real and natural!

Xiaomi Wemax One Xiaomi Wemax One

Next, when looking for a laser projector, you don’t just have to look at the white light output, but also its color light output (CLO, Color Light Output). CLO is an important indicator that affects the color performance of display devices. The lower the CLO, the worse the color performance when maintaining the same brightness. In order to keep the color of the picture unchanged, the machine with low CLO can only sacrifice brightness.

Ordinary laser TVs, because of a low CLO, in order to protect the brightness, usually do that at the expense of color. The Xiaomi WEMAX ONE uses ALPD3.0 laser technology to solve the obstacles encountered by CLO, taking into account the brightness and color. While maintaining high brightness, CLO color light output still reaches 100%!

Xiaomi WEMAX ONe

Moreover, there is a key factor in the color difference between the left and right images – the proportion of red light! At present, other brands of projectors on the market account for 10% of red light, while the WEMAX ONE accounts for up to 16.8% of red light.

In addition to the contrast problem, the WEMAX ONE Laser Home Theater has a cinema-class 4000:1 native contrast ratio with a resolution of 1920x1080p. It supports HDR images that can be clearly seen in the right pictures. Compared to ordinary projectors, the details are more perfect.

Xiaomi WEMAX ONE Appearance

First, you should know this is not a portable projector. Of course, you can take it with you when moving. But it differs from the models such as XGIMI CC Aurora Mini. When taking out the Xiaomi WEMAX One out of the box, you should be a little surprised. It’s bigger than expected. Besides the dimensions of 44x29x9cm, it weighs up to 6kg. Therefore, you should decide where you will put it and install there.

Xiaomi Wemax One

The front side carries a grid with built-in speakers. If not know, there are three speakers, the one of which is high-frequency, while the rest two speakers are low-frequency. Actually, this is the same system seen on the Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector. It used uses Xiaomi Mi TV’s custom speaker system total of 30W (built-in high-power dual full-frequency + dual high-frequency high-fidelity speakers).

Xiaomi Wemax One

The top of the projector is blank.

Xiaomi Wemax One

On the right side, we can find the ventilation grill and a button to adjust the focus.

Xiaomi Wemax One

As you can guess, all the interfaces are located on the back. They include two HDMI 2.0 ports, USB 2.0 port, ARC (thus you can connect a 7.1 surround audio speakers), audio output, two SPDIF ports, and Ethernet port. We like this approach when all the ports are in one place.

Xiaomi Wemax One

Apart from this, the projector supports Wi-Fi (2.4GHz + 5GHz) and is equipped with the Mi TV system. Thus it can be controlled not only from the remote control but also from the smartphone.

Xiaomi Wemax One

At last, the appearance of the device will fit into any interior.

Xiaomi Wemax One

Xiaomi WEMAX ONE Hardware

Before we start talking about the projection core features of the Xiaomi WEMAX ONE, you should know for the performance is responsible the T968 Cortex-A53 processor. It uses a quad-core design with a clock speed of 1.8GHz. The chip is paired with a 2GB DDR3 RAM and a 16GB eMMC storage.

Xiaomi Wemax One

This projector is equipped with a very powerful lamp, which creates a projection brightness of 15-18 fl, which is quite comparable to a full-motion movie theater. DLP technology works in a different way. It translates any video and photo into digital format, which is output by laser to the wall. The final image is created by microscopically small mirrors laid out in DMD chip. The number of mirrors corresponds to the resolution of the projected image. Using this technology allows you to achieve the best quality.

Plus, the WEMAX One uses the latest technology called LCOS, which has appeared on the market a couple of years back. It’s an advanced version of LCD. LCOS is a small reflective active-matrix liquid-crystal display (often called ‘microdisplay’) that uses a liquid crystal layer on top of a silicon backplane. Currently, some LCD projectors use transmissive LCD, which allows light to pass through the liquid crystal.

Xiaomi Wemax One

The warranty service life of the lamp is as much as 25,000 hours. This is almost 3 years of continuous work day and night. Or it will serve you up to 34 years if using 2 hours per day.

Xiaomi Wemax One

The projector does not overheat and remains quiet thanks to the cooling system. A powerful ventilation system protects the Xiaomi WEMAX ONE from overheating, both a high-power lamp and a processor with electronic components. Three coolers are used – one for each system module. The projector never heats up above the set values.

Xiaomi WEMAX One Performance

One of the main advantages of the laser focus technology is that it allows you to expand the picture to 150 inches. Moreover, the automatic image adjustment from 60 to 250 inches allows you to choose the optimal balance for any room.

Xiaomi Wemax One

The Xiaomi WEMAX One provides a high level of contrast of 3000: 1, as well as the transmission of unprecedented brightness and rich color palette. Thanks to them, the image quality is comparable with professional cinemas. This contrast ratio allows the darkest image to transmit the image of the night sky in the smallest detail. Together with a resolution of 1920×1080, HDR support on a dark screen you can see even a shadow.

As this projector uses a short focus technology, it can be placed next to the screen or even a simple white wall. A huge picture of high definition, contrast and brightness will convey the whole atmosphere of a good movie or a children’s cartoon. Turn your house into a cozy movie theater. But you should learn some details. The main advantage of a projector with a reverse display technology, using an ultrashort focal lens with a large depth of field of 0.3333: 1 is the ability to set it at a distance of only 5-50 cm from the screen surface.

Xiaomi Wemax One

One of the selling points of this projector is the non-laminated image emission system ALDPD 3.0. Thanks to the light source of radiation, we get a very bright image up to 7000 lumens, lively contrast, clarity, and color gamut. The 4000+ technology from the world famous Light Peak Optical company protects eye fatigue. The performance is enough to play HDR content in 4K resolution. But the brightness will reach 1400 lumens and the contrast 3500:1.

Xiaomi Wemax One

As for ALPD 3.0 technology, it uses a special monochrome laser + phosphor technology. This allows bringing a list of advantages such as:

  • The color reproduction is more accurate due to a higher proportion of red as well as a greater color gamut;
  • The brightness and contrast are improved;
  • The light source life is improved.

Xiaomi WEMAX ONe

The color gamut of the Xiaomi WEMAX ONE is more than 85% of the NTSC color gamut, which is much larger than that of other projectors. To achieve a vivid image, five primary colors are used, while in other devices a maximum of 4 colors is used.

Xiaomi Wemax One Xiaomi Wemax One

Using the Internet connection and the MIUI operating system (based on Android 6.0), it’s easy to access your favorite movies and TV shows. This is a universal source of content, which everyone can appreciate. Actually, this projector comes with all the content available on the Xiaomi Mi TV.

Xiaomi Wemax One

The Final Words

The Xiaomi WEMAX ONE, a new projector from the company Appotronics (FengMi), which is the manufacturer of the MiJia Laser Projector, has become even more advanced and high-tech. It comes with a 30% increased brightness and an even larger supported screen size. All this allows it to turn your apartment into a real home theater. A fantastic clarity, contrast and image quality will allow you to enjoy modern cinema innovations in the highest possible quality.

Use the coupon (code: IT-CN09FEN) to get it for a discounted price tag of $1796.99.


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  1. You mention ARC and the connectivity with 7.1 surround audio speakers. It may be good if the projector can handle Dolby ATMOS and DTS:X for a better movie theatre experience.

  2. Good Morning.
    I intend to use this projector to present music videos in small parties, for up to 300 people and with a distance of up to 50 meters for viewing. Could this 150-inch regulated device fit the bill? Would I have another option? I would like the help and opinion of everyone. Thank you very much.
    Mario J. G. Martin

  3. Can it project in a screen larger 150” , ie full 200”? What’s the native resolution? What’s about the brightness and contrast?

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