Xiaomi Water Purifier C1 launched with 3L Capacity and 4-Level RO Filter Technology

Xiaomi is keeping on to update its Water purifier product portfolio by adding the brand-new Xiaomi Water Purifier C1. Now, it is available for registrations via Xiaomi Mall in China and will go on sale on September 30 against a higher price tag of Yuan 1299 ($182).

Earlier in August 2019, Xiaomi launched the Mi Water Purifier ‘Lentils’ and the C1 model is the successor to it. Although it is the upgraded edition of the Lentils but retains the same filtration technology.

Features of Xiaomi MI Water Purifier C1

But what you will like the most is the availability of three different faucets to connect the water purifier. Users can save a considerable volume of pure drinking water.

According to the spec-sheet of the Water purifier C1, it adopts a 3-liter water storage tank and measures the overall physical dimensions at 471x452x170 mm. Further, the design of the device is very similar to the predecessor model. The only difference is the three-water outlet approach.

Internally, the C1 water purifier features Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration technology. It works with 4 different water purification chambers. Hence, it ensures the water traveling through a high-density folding.

After processing, the water you will receive will be of an appreciable TDS level. The output is of the packaging-grade drinking water standard.

Moreover, you will get one of the amazing technologies to leave you with no waste of water. The water purifier ensures the water production efficiency to wastewater ratio at 1:1. It means that no water will be wasted and the whole volume will be purified.

Furthermore, users will get the water output at 1.3L per minute. As it has a 3L water storage capacity, so, it can avail the optimum volume of water to cater to your frequent needs.

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