Why Xiaomi WalkingPad Walking Machine Succeeded?

Before 2018, there has never been a fitness product in the market coming our way from a Chinese top tech company. On April 19, 2018, Xiaomi crowdfunding ushered in the industry’s first light sport walking machine. During the 14-day crowdfunding period, the sales reached a peak of 6,000 units, which sensationalized the entire smart fitness market. Subsequently, the WalkingPad walking machine successively boarded the e-commerce platforms of Xiaomi Youpin, Tmall Mall and Jingdong Mall, and continued to write the myth of the smart walking machine with a monthly sales volume of more than 10,000 units.

WalkingPad walking machine

Double 11 sales exceeded 10 million yuan ($1.46 million), won the Best Selling Single Product Award in Jingdong

On November 30, the WalkingPad walking machine won the best-selling item award from Jingdong Fashion. The sales volume of the Double 11 exceeded 18 million yuan ($2.63 million), making it the best-selling item in the fitness training category of Jingdong Mall. In September this year, Goldsmith was awarded the “Consumer Most Trusted Brand Award” by the China Cultural and Educational Sporting Goods Association’s “First Summit Forum on Impacting China’s Fitness Equipment Industry Development” and “Influenced Awards for China’s Fitness Equipment Industry Series Selection Campaign”. Also, the WalkingPad walking machine A1 won the “China Fitness Equipment Industry Innovation Award”.

Light sports concept just amazes users

In the cement jungle, we are always busy. Often, we don’t pay much attention to sports and don’t have time for active lifestyle. That’s why, health problems are gradually getting on, and the rejuvenation of various diseases has become a foregone conclusion. Heavy sports such as running seem to be drifting away from people. So people can do sports trivially. In this sense, WalkingPad’s brand concept of light sports and light life creates a new category of family fitness, providing sports and fitness programs under fragmented time. Prior to this, there has never been a walking machine category on the market. Goldsmith Technology quickly launched the WalkingPad walking machine brand and occupied the walking machine category market for the first time. The final market response was sufficient, proving the forward-looking nature of this move.

Avant-garde design caters to market rejuvenation

The WalkingPad walking machine has an insight into the current design style. Xiaomi’s simple style, IKEA Nordic style, and MUJI Japanese style are undoubtedly very popular. Among these home styles, the traditional treadmill’s styling becomes incompatible. When designing the walking machine, the challenge for the entire design is enormous. In the end, the new style has changed. The transformation has been through hundreds of repeated revisions and refinements. The only purpose was to make a walking machine that looks more attractive and more integrated into the home style. It’s no longer a big, stupid, and space-consuming big guy.

WalkingPad walking machine

Strictly calibrated standards guarantee quality

It is quite simple to become a Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise. Goldsmith not only has a strong influence in the industry but also meets its quality requirements in research and development, production, and packaging. Based on this standardization, the WalkingPad walking machine technology starts from the source of procurement, and each phase is formulated and executed in strict accordance with the standard until the walking machine completes the package and delivers it to the user’s home. It is precise because of such stringent standards that Xiaomi and even Mijia products have today’s quality assurance. The WalkingPad walking machine technology also runs this concept throughout.

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In the concept of achievement quality, talent is the core of competition. The WalkingPad walking machine has an independent research and development team, including postdoctoral, doctoral and several masters, with professional research and development capabilities in sports science, mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, Internet and other spheres. They are mainly from Beijing Sports University, but a number of professionals have conducted joint technology research and have mastered a number of inventions and innovation patents.

Folding storage design is more suitable for many families

The WalkingPad walking machine adopts a symmetrical folding design, which greatly reduces the space required for storage. The whole machine is as light as 28kg, the storage area is only 0.44m2, and the walking area is 1200×415cm. Thanks to the fusion of technology, the walking machine realizes more possibilities when it is stored. It can be placed under the table, under the bed, on the balcony, and in other corners, and it does not occupy the daily use space of the family.

Black technology is the way, adaptive speed control patent

The WalkingPad walking machine has two motion modes. M is a fixed speed mode and can be operated and controlled by a remote controller. It is recommended for beginners to adopt this mode first. A is an automatic mode, which can control the speed of the walking machine freely through the adaptive speed control system. When the athlete is in the front part of the walking platform, the walking opportunity automatically starts and continues to accelerate; when in the middle area of the walking machine, it will run at a constant speed; when in the rear area, the walking opportunity will gradually slow down until it stops. This is an advanced mode and can be suitable for athletes with experience.

Interconnected Mijia app and Xiaomi TV

The WalkingPad walking machine can be connected to the Xiaomi Smart Home Ecosystem. Thus, the real-time data synchronization can be performed through the Mijia app. During the exercise, the sports data can be screened to the floating window of the Xiaomi TV. When watching TV, you can view the motion data at any time. In the Mijia app, you can also set and adjust the related functions of the walking machine, such as starting speed adjustment, maximum speed setting, and child lock.

WalkingPad walking machine

We are waiting for more fitness products

After joining the Xiaomi ecological chain, Goldsmith is no longer a simple fitness equipment company, but a technology-oriented company with product-oriented thinking. The overall R&D speed and the ability to launch new products are faster than ever to adapt to the needs of the entire market. In today’s changing Internet, once the rhythm is not followed, it will be overtaken by others. Such rapid market changes are a huge test for every product-centric company. Goldsmith will move forward and create more exciting products, undoubtedly.

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