Xiaomi launches the new Polar Bee Walkie Talkies

Xiaomi continues to revolutionize the day to day of its users, now reaching those adventurers who seek to stay in communication at any time. Now Xiaomi presents under its sub-brand Polar Bee new portable communicators, better known as Walkie Talkies.

Xiaomi had previously presented a product of this nature through its sub-brand Mijia, although the new Polar Bee Walkie Talkies have relevant improvements in terms of band and frequency connectivity, as well as precision in the communication of the Walkie Talkies.

The Walkie Talkies have different uses, as well as relevant utilities, many users make trips and adventures in which they feel can put their Smartphone at risk, but still have the need to stay connected. On the other hand, it also has an interesting home use, since it can be very useful in times of emergency, so it is always a good idea to have a couple of communicators at home, it is even better to have a communicator for each member of the house.

The features of the new Polar Bee Walkie Talkies include advances in functionality

Polar Bee Walkie Talkies

The new communicators have a 5W battery with a capacity of 5,000mAh, which offers up to 10 hours of use, as well as allowing antenna upgrades with a greater communication radius, adapting to the user’s convenience. It can be recharged through a Micro USB cable.

The design of the new Polar Bee Walkie Talkies is quite conventional and minimalist, being practical to handle and intuitive in its handling, its weight is 195 grams, being a fairly light product, as well as measures 125x55x25mm.

The connection capabilities of Polar Bee portable communicators can support a communication radius from 1km to 5km between infrastructures, and a communication radio of 4km to 10km in outdoor environments.

Polar Bee App

The Polar Bee Walkie Talkies support synchronization through a mobile application, from which you can configure and optimize the handling of the bands and frequencies of portable communicators.

Finally, the price of the pair of portable communicators Polar Bee is the equivalent of 75 euros, and its reach in the international market is expected through the digital stores.

Source: Xiaomi4mi

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