Xiaomi Vvave 61/88 key Hand Roll Electronic Piano offered for $85.99

The Xiaomi Vvave 61/88 key Hand Roll Electronic Piano was released weeks ago. and it comes with amazing features that will be disclosed to you in this article. it is now available at the online store; Gearbest and Banggood at very affordable and considerate price tags.

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An amazing product as the Xiaomi Vvave  61/88 electric piano comes with a Dual magnetic stereo that is used to restore high sound quality which happens to be the desire of any lover of good sound, its Portable roll-up design is one of its unique features , imagine having a piano that you must not always go home to, it is movable and so easy to carry without stress which means can be used st any place at any time easy

However the xiaomi Vvave 61/88 electric piano, is made with thick silicone keys, it very difficult to be faced with keyboard issues and it has a rebound feedback design on the keys too, it really touches; the keyboard is equipped with an independent touch sensing area, and the pronunciation is clear and precise. you don’t have to stress your self it is created to just provide entertainment

Its Bluetooth connection APP can connect to the mobile phone Bluetooth. it even Supports music’s original accompaniment to play the connection, how incredible having your phone and keyboard connected, it gives a unique opportunity to also achieve online teaching through software, that even if you are not from that locale you can also complete the self-study. Support microphone input function to achieve self-singing. wow it’s like having a personal karaoke bar

This xiaomi Vvave 61/88 electric piano can be used as a percussion as it is Built-in 140 sounds, and 128 rhythm demonstrations, for one to meet the function of playing more instruments and different styles of music, while pointing out the keyboard drum function, to achieve the drum on the keyboard. Large energy, let the music keep running, now how do you enjoy a gadget with a flat battery? that is why it comes with a  2000mAh battery capacity to suite the owner.and its  USB charging/power supply; sustainable performance for 15 – 20 hours under full power.

This amazing Xiaomi Vvave 61/88 electric piano available at the following stores Gearbest for $85.99 And Banggood for $84.99



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