Xiaomi VR Standalone Headset now for just $394.99

Xiaomi VR standalone headset is designed by Xiaomi with quality material and 2k fast switch screen. The body is crafted beautifully and embedded with white color outlook to make it high performing equipment with different visual effects.

In addition, Xiaomi VR standalone headset comes with 360-degree surround sound field design and high precise handle which ensure convenient video playing and theatre experience. It has a special modulation diffraction optical system to improve viewing angle with two special partial elliptical curvature-shaped lenses. You will also get 21 inbuilt games to be enjoyable on 2560×1440 pixels screen resolution.


The Xiaomi VR standalone headset comes with ultra-modern and sleek pattern in a round-corner shape. The VR headset maintains two partially elliptical lenses with the facility to reduce the thickness of the lenses. The White-colored body is curved with an astonishing outer surface and embedded with multiple performance optimization algorithms.

Xiaomi has focused deeply to make the clear picture-quality possible through 2k fast-switch and ultra-clear LCD screen with 2560×1440 pixels resolution. Further, it supports 72 Hz refresh rate to deal with the screen flicker problem. Hence, it will ensure clearer viewing experience along with a higher pixel fill rate.


The Xiaomi VR standalone headset uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 CPU to create better possibilities for smooth and convenient visual display. Similarly, it is a wireless device to get you out of the trouble of complex wiring connections and delivers high-precise handle and somatosensory control.

You will also enjoy 21 inbuilt various types of digital games to be played through a wireless remote type device. It will bring you a near intuitive hand operation experience along with the 3DoF technology for better motion control.

Inbuilt Headphones

Therefore, the viewers will also enjoy 360-degree panoramic sound effect without wearing any additional headphones. Ti will focus the sound as per your position so as to create great visual effects with an immersive experience. Additionally, you can also attach third-party stereo headphones in 3.5 mm audio jack.

Intelligent Heat Dissipation System

The Xiaomi VR standalone headset comes with a high-performance powerful processor. Similarly, aluminum alloy front cover is consisting of smart U-tube heat dissipation system to maintain superior service and release potential.B

Xiaomi VR standalone headset comes with inbuilt 2600 mAh Lithium-ion battery to make it operational for hours.


You can buy VR Standalone Virtual Reality Headset for $394.39 at Gearbest by clicking the link below:



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