Original Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses with Remote Controller offered for $70.57

VR technology is gradually appearing more in everyday life. From entertainment applications to support for work, everywhere is the emergence of VR technology. That’s why devices and applications that support virtual reality technology are more interested by companies. Xiaomi is no exception, following the launch of the first cheap VR glass product. In order to compete with competitors in the high-end segment, the manufacturer from China continues to launch the 2nd generation product, Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses, a product geared to the device segment. High class.

Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses

Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses are second generation products with design improvements as well as hardware quality and better software support than the first generation VR glasses. With what the manufacturer announced about the product, it will be a VR glasses equipped with many interesting features and will directly compete with high-end products from other competitors in the market.

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Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses

If compared with the majority of VR products are available on the market today, it can be said, with Xiaomi millet manufacturer Xiaomi began to pay more attention to the user’s experience with changes in design. Help design becomes different and also bring a better experience. Just like many other VR glasses, Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses is still designed to be boxy. Plastic material is still used for product design. Inside is still two lenses. However this time on a premium product, Xiaomi has equipped it with the ability to adjust the width of 2 lenses, as well as adjust the distance from the lens to the user’s eyes. This equipment will make the user’s virtual reality experience more perfect, suitable for many different audiences.

Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses

The location of eye shooting is made wider and embraces the face. A soft velvet-covered edge provides smoothness to users when they have to use glasses for a long time. On the Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses, the plastic case is extended from the front up to the upper part of the user’s forehead. This is a bit different, but it will help the glasses to be better fixed on the face. Especially when playing games need to rotate a lot, this will be a quite useful improvement point. Of course, the inside is still covered with velvet to bring comfort and comfort to users.

Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses

With virtual reality products Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses. You will experience a glass that uses a dedicated VR sensor. This equipment is quite rare on popular products and only on high-end VR products. The equipped VR sensor will move, and the image will show more than 16 times honestly. Delivers the same experience as in the real world. Latency is controlled at a low level of only 16ms, making the image experience smoother.

Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses

Besides vibration sensors arranged inside will vibrate depending on the moment. Help user experience more realistic. Not only is visual observation but also real feeling with other senses.

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Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses

With what the virtual reality glasses Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses brings. Perhaps this will be a successful product of Xiaomi in the VR device segment. A product with the design of the future, equipped with modern technologies. Not only does it bring a more realistic and vivid audiovisual experience, but also the feeling of space as standing in a real environment. Besides, with the support of the new MIUI-VR ecosystem, the user’s virtual reality experience will become more interesting than ever.

Where to buy Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses?

The Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses are available on gearbest for just $70.57.


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