Latest Xiaomi Electric Oven VIOMI VO3201 offered for $108.65

Xioami has long been involved with creating products to make people life , and the latest Xiaomi Electric Oven VIOMI VO3201 is no exception. If you are looking for a quality product from a reliable company, then you should definitely give a chance to Xiaomi Electric Oven. The latest oven features many useful options that you can’t find in other manufacturers oven. The device offers a big 32-liter working space with the fastest heating mechanism. Preheating is one of the big issue faced by cooks around the world. With the Xiaomi oven, they have tried to make heating fastest which can help in heating evenly and preserving the taste on ingredients. The oven has become a popular device for homemakers. However, not everyone can choose a quality oven, especially in the market today there are too many designs. 32L Viomi VO3201 electric oven will be a perfect suggestion that you can not ignore.

Xiaomi Electric Oven VIOMI VO3201

The Xiaomi Electric Oven VIOMI VO3201 is a product of collaboration between Xiaomi and VIOMI. The product first appeared on the Xiaomi crowdfunding platform which has given a number of excellent products. 32L Viomi VO3201 electric oven with a relatively small size 510 x 435 x 305mm is convenient to place anywhere in your home. Besides, with an elegant white design is suitable for your interior space, making the kitchen space more harmonious.

Xiaomi Electric Oven VIOMI VO3201

Large capacity oven VO3201 up to 32L , enough to bake food for 3 to 4 people. In addition, Xiaomi Electric Oven oven also includes rotary skewers and baking tray, suitable for baking many different foods. Viomi electric oven is equipped with a convenient rotary skewer, made from high-quality steel material withstands high temperature. Besides, the rotating skewers have the ability to rotate 360º to help heat food evenly, avoid scorching, keep the delicious taste of food.

Xiaomi Electric Oven VIOMI VO3201

The way to use skewers is quite simple. Users only need to rotate the control button to rotate the skew automatically rotate even 360º, Viomi VO3201 is convenient to roast chicken, duck or large pieces of meat. In addition, the internal expansion design with slope and curvature adds volume, allowing users to use more baking trays, making the process of baking food faster. Because different foods will have different baking temperatures, the manufacturer has equipped a reasonably wide temperature range for 32L electric ovens from 100ºC to 230ºC. Users can flexibly adjust the baking temperature according to each food, helping to cook food faster. Specifically, the manufacturer suggests some baking time for foods such as sausages, bread, fish, burger, corn, pizza, skewers, and pastries.

Xiaomi Electric Oven VIOMI VO3201

Xiaomi Electric Oven adopts physical, mechanical knob design and its use is quite simple compared to other products on the market. Oven with three knobs. In the top-down order, the first screw to select the appropriate baking temperature between 100ºC and 230ºC. The second knob is used to select the grill mode, including four modes: on/off, grill, bottom grill/grill both top and bottom + spin skewers. And the final adjustment knob to select the baking time for 60 minutes. With a physical wrench that allows users to adjust the temperature and time control more easily manually.

Where to buy Xiaomi Electric Oven VIOMI VO3201?

The Xiaomi Electric Oven VIOMI VO3201 is available at gearbest for just


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