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Xiaomi Viomi Pro Electric Baseboard Heater offered for $109.99

Winter is coming … this slogan reflects the essence of the new Xiaomi products in the best possible way. At the same time, two sub-brands, with a difference of several days, presented externally similar models of floor heaters of the Electric Baseboard Heater series. But we would be talking about the Xiaomi Viomi Pro Electric Baseboard Heater. New items are already on sale in China

Price without coupon: $209.98 on Banggood
C?up?n c?de 1($140.99): BGVMBET

A distinctive feature of the device is the height, which only slightly exceeds the height of the baseboard. The device work on the principle of natural convection, capturing cold air from the floor itself, and giving out already warmed up through the grill on the top cover. The heater only needs 5 seconds to start heating. Claimed temperature support 5–35 ° C.

The Viomi Electric Baseboard uses two kinds of heat conduction methods: heat radiation and natural convection. The cold air is sucked into the heater, and after being heated by the machine, it spreads from the top air outlet. In this way, the entire house is evenly heated without drying the air. This method also enables heating up a wide area.

In terms of design, the baseboard heaters both come with a compact size and are easy to install. It can also be moved around the house easily. It features 136 pieces of aluminum alloy heating elements and can achieve rapid heating of just 5 seconds. The air outlet has high-temperature resistance, so it won’t be deformed easily by heat. The MIJIA eater comes with a lesser 127 heating element design

Viomi model is protected against burns, overheating, power surges, and corrosion. The equipment has anti-slip feet and a level sensor that detects rollovers. Heaters comply with the IPX4 index, which means dust and moisture protection (from splashes), which applies to the housing and the electronics unit. The device can be used for accelerated drying of clothes.

Finally, you also get support for voice control on the Viomi Baseboard heater. In this regard, voice prompts can be used to switch on the device as well as adjust the heating mode. The MIJIA model can be controlled via the XiaoAI and MIJIA app as well. This should also include the use of voice prompts in addition to smartphone remote control. Yet another difference between both models is that the MIJIA heater has an LCD display at the side of the air outlet. On the other hand, the Viomi model has its own LCD display which shows the running temperature at the front right corner of the body. Both models have anti-slip bases ad child protection lock.

The Xiaomi Viomi Pro Electric Baseboard Heater is currently available on Geekbuying for $109.99 and on Banggood for $137.39

Price without coupon: $209.98 on Banggood
C?up?n c?de 1($140.99): BGVMBET



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