New Xiaomi VH Cup Review: Unusual mug with the function of maintaining the temperature

Hello everyone, XT fans! Today we will tell you about one of the latest product from the restless company Xiaomi the Xiaomi VH Cup. Since the device has arrived at us, it has become our personal favorite and indispensable companion while writing tech news and reviews for all sort of exciting tech gadgets. The notion behind the Xiaomi VH Cup is fascinating You will get a base/charger that can easily connect with a micro USB charger and with the help of a cup keeps the temperature of your drink at a steady 55 C degrees. The cup is really great for people who love to sit at the computer for a long time as it will keep your favorite drink warm all the time and you can enjoy it anytime you want. Now let’s have a closer look at the device.

Packing and packaging

The Xiaomi VH Cup arrives in a thick gray cardboard box. We were little bit surprised by the color as most of the Xaomi products usually come in a white color box. However, the cup arrives in nice packaging, and we find no damage with the product only the box get a little bit hurt during the transit.

Xiaomi VH Cup

From above you can see the picture of the cup.

Xiaomi VH Cup

Behind the box, there are specifications of the device in Chinese.

Xiaomi VH Cup

When you open the box, you will find an instruction manual (also in Chinese) under the tight lid.

Xiaomi VH Cup

Under the instruction manual, there is a special insert with a cutout stand base.

Xiaomi VH Cup

At the end and under the dense cardboard insert, there’s the base itself with the Xiaomi VH Cup and power supply unit in a thick layer of foam.

Xiaomi VH Cup

The charger comes with a Chinese plug that can also hide inside the charging case. Xiaomi VH Cup Xiaomi VH Cup

On the sides of the charger, you will find the characteristics of the power supply.

Xiaomi VH Cup

Moreover, some symbols on the side of the USB port.

Xiaomi VH Cup

The instruction and manual and some kind of warranty card are also there but all in Chinese.

Xiaomi VH Cup Appearance

The Xiaomi VH Cup is available in two colors the Black gloss and brown matte. The cup is made of high-quality JAPANESE CERAMICS, and this is not a common clay and plastic cup you can get from the market.

Xiaomi VH Cup

We received the brown variant of the cup. The cup also comes with a saucer lid.

Xiaomi VH Cup

The lid comes with special tabs on the bottom so that it can fit perfectly with the cup. The cover fits flawlessly with the cups making your drink safe from outside dust or anything that can fall inside the cup.

Xiaomi VH Cup

Side view of the cover.

Xiaomi VH Cup

Inside the Xiaomi VH Cup, everything is trite as other usual cups.
Xiaomi VH Cup

The cup fits perfectly with the lid when you place it at the bottom. The handle is very comfortable and comes with round edges for a perfect hold. You can easily fit two fingers inside the handle for excellent grip.

Xiaomi VH Cup

The wireless charger of the Xiaomi VH Cup is designed by MGEEK, and it is written on the bottom. The MGEEK is one of the best brands in China manufacturing wireless charging products including wireless power bank, thermostatic teacup and wireless humidifier.
The base of the wireless charger is made of premium plastic material dyed in style with a cup. In the center, you can find a wavy line that helps you in correct placement of the cup.

Xiaomi VH Cup

The cable entry point of the Xiaomi VH Cup wireless charger comes with a reinforcement of plastic corner in metal color. This provides the longevity to the cable and also represent the quality of the device.
Xiaomi VH Cup

On the back side of the wireless charger, you can find a metal circle, with inscriptions-characteristics on it.

Xiaomi VH Cup

Even though all the inscription is in Chinese, we learn that as a wireless charging QI device produces 5V 2A.

The charger comes protected with rubber bezel around the corners of the wireless charger. This also provides friction to the device for keeping it on any smooth surface and helps in getting a stable environment for charging.

Xiaomi VH CupStandard micro-USB cable for charging.
Xiaomi VH CupOperation and tests:

Setting the cup on the base.Xiaomi VH CupThe Xiaomi VH Cup looks really organic while charging. When you place the cup accurately on the base, a green LED lights up displaying the staring of charging.
Xiaomi VH Cup

To begin with the testing, first, we will start from checking the volume of the cup as we find nothing mentioned about it in the description. We pour some water into the cup not to the very, but a little lower, on precisely near the edge of the cup.Xiaomi VH CupPour water back into the measuring container.
Xiaomi VH Cup Xiaomi VH CupAs you can see from the results, you will have a 250 ml cup at your service.

The Xiaomi invented this cup to make sure you pour a drink, and the Xiaomi VH Cup maintain its temperature to around 55 degrees all the time. We checked it many times, and it proves itself every time. The water temperature remains at a steady 50-60 degrees and the temperature change in an hour is about the same +1 or -1 degrees. While using the cup, we even found an interesting way to use it. If we pour hot water of around 90 C the temperature drop was really very slow, about 72 degrees in an hour.

Many are interested in the question whether the device can warm up the water. Let’s just say, easy attempts it makes :). Although the characteristics say no.

For testing the water warm up speed, we pour a cup of water into the cup which was at normal room temperature.
Xiaomi VH CupWe put the Xiaomi VH Cup on the ground. By the way, at this moment the watt meter shows 23.5W
Xiaomi VH Cup

We record the time.
After 8.5 minutes the temperature rose to 43.3Xiaomi VH CupAnd after 10.5 minutes the temperature rose to 44.6 Xiaomi VH Cup

Water still stands in the range of 45-47 degrees.

We found a new herbal tea.

Xiaomi VH CupFor testing.
We usually fill it with hot water, but for the dough, we fill it with lukewarm water.
Xiaomi VH CupBefore turning on the charger, we Measure the water temperature 37.9 C.
Xiaomi VH CupWe turned on the charger close the lid, set ourselves a treat and start working on the PC.
Xiaomi VH CupAfter 10 minutes, measure again.Xiaomi VH CupIt makes no sense to wait for heating, so we add some hot water, measure it again Xiaomi VH Cupcheck how it falls or not in half an hour …
Temperature is the same Xiaomi VH CupAt the same time tea brewed.Xiaomi VH Cup

While testing the Xiaomi VH Cup we regretted a lot not having disposable tea bags, actually, we ran out of them before starting testing. In order not to swallow leaves and herbs with tea. Ordered again, waiting.

Well, let’s summarise, the heating of the cup is very, very weak, it will heat the tea to 47 degrees. However, if you pour hot tea, it keeps the temperature correctly.

Let’s see what tester shows during water heating.

Xiaomi VH CupWithout the load mug.Xiaomi VH Cup

Well, check for fast charging.
Put the smartphone to charge, as you can see the charge indicator is on, and the process is on.

At this time, the tester sees this between the power supply and charging.Xiaomi VH Cup

The wireless charher can also be used to charges your Phone faster than using Blackview charging.
Heated with up to 50 degrees.

Xiaomi VH Cup Conclusion:

The Xiaomi VH Cup is a gorgeous device, the price is affordable, but the pleasure is worth it. We would recommend this device to everyone, as it is very useful. This device is the perfect gadget for people who spend quite a time near pc and love to have some hot drinks at this winter season.

PS forgot to clarify
In this device, the circle itself is heated by the inductance, the base is always cold. only under the cup itself, it heats up a little from the cup, but I did not measure above 44 degrees.

Where to buy?

The Xiaomi VH Cup is available at GearBest for just $39.99.


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