Xiaomi USB Power Adapter With 45W Output Power: Cheap and Useful

Not in vain Xiaomi is called the Chinese Apple. There are too many reasons why this company is called so, but the most acceptable reason is that Xiaomi is innovative. Well, I guess all you know this. But too many people know this manufacturer makes myriads of different products. Some of them are designed by its sub-brands and some are made by itself. It’s logical to assume this company will come in with different peripherals and accessories. Moreover, it’s predictable many Xiaomi products will be compatible with only its peripherals and accessories. This is another similarity to Apple, agree? The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air is one of those products that are compatible with only Xiaomi chargers. But it’s senseless to buy an accessory that will work only on one device. So what we have to do in such cases – the only solution is to find a good Xiaomi accessory that can serve several purposes. The Xiaomi USB Power Adapter is one of them. This is a unique accessory for charging the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air, Xiaomi Mi 6, Xiaomi Mi 5S, Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 and any other product supporting USB Type-C. But this is not the all about this charger. Keep on reading to know more about this amazing product.

Xiaomi 45W USB charger

USB Type C Only!!!

I guess no one doubts all the upcoming smartphones, tablets and laptops will sport only USB Type-C port. All the latest products from the aforementioned categories sport only similar interfaces. Thus the Xiaomi USB Power Adapter has been made for the ‘future’. On the one hand, this sounds attractive. But on the other hand, as there is no regular USB support, you won’t be able to use it for non-USB-C devices. You decided whether it’s good or not.

45W Output Power Support!!!

Most of the regular chargers support 10W output power. This doesn’t allow customers to use them for charging bigger devices. One of the biggest advantages of the Xiaomi USB Power Adapter is to support for 45W output power (20 V / 2.25 A). Shortly, you will have no problem when charging your 12-inch Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air with it. As I said at the beginning, this laptop is compatible with a few chargers. So this is one of them.

Note: The Xiaomi USB Power Adapter can be used to charge the Apple MacBook.

Detachable Cable

Many chargers come with a one-piece cable. This means you can’t use the cable separately. Moreover, chargers in this type are uncomfortable to fold and carry.

Quick Charge 3.0!!!

Though the latest fast charging technology of Qualcomm is the Quick Charge 4.0, it’s still pleasant to have a charger supporting QC3.0. Say, the same Samsung Galaxy S8 still supports QC2.0. That’s why it charges too slowly.

As for the Xiaomi USB Power Adapter, this charger can be used for all smartphones supporting USB Type-C and QC3.0. Say, it is a great solution for the Xiaomi Mi 6 and Mi Note 2.

Xiaomi USB Power Adapter Box Content and Appearance

Like many Apple products, this one comes in a pure white packaging. It includes the charger, the dual-USB-C cable, and instructions.

The charger is in white as well. The plug is foldable.

In comparison with other chargers from the same range, the Xiaomi USB Power Adapter is a bit smaller. But if compared with the Apple charger, it looks gigantic.

Wrap Up

Xiaomi has always come in with great products designed for all cases. The Xiaomi USB Power Adapter is no exception. Moreover, Xiaomi is known as the most popular brand offering products at the best price if taking into account the features its products come with. Again, the Xiaomi USB Power Adapter is no exception. It is priced at $19.99. So, you will take your hands on a great charger for a song.


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