Xiaomi USA: Xiaomi has scheduled a special event in New York

In recent years Xiaomi, had no presence in the US market due to the country restrictions when it comes to Chinese companies, but recently we have seen movements from the company to reach this country, it seems that they have something up their sleeve. The North American brand project manager, Aaron Yang, has cordially invited all the Mi Fans to a special event in New York, which will be held on December 8 of this year, this invitation was published on Reddit.

This will be the first event that Xiaomi performs in the United States, it is expected to be an unprecedented event, in the publication made on the web portal, users are asked to fill out a form to know the interest they have in attending the event.

Is the New York event the official arrival of Xiaomi USA?

xiaomi USA New York

The brand has several problems to enter the country, however, some of its products have been sold, only through virtual stores though, representing a small risk to consumers, because they have no direct contact with the company, but this could change soon.

The event that will be held in New York this December could be the arrival of Xiaomi USA, previously, there have been rumors that the company had planned to reach the United States this year, now, this occasion could represent the official entry of the brand in the American country.

The project manager of Xiaomi for North America gave no indication about what this special event will be, however, we know that the Chinese company in all its events always offers the best in all kinds of products. We only have to wait anxiously until the day of the event.

Source: Gizmochina

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