Buy The Xiaomi UREVO Men Sneakers For $46.04 and UREVO Women Lightweight Breathable Sneakers For $35.37

Urevo, the sub-brand of Xiaomi is in constant movement and seeks to make a debut in fashion without leaving its practicality, today expands with the launch of the new Urevo shoes that are both flexible and aerodynamic ideal for use under any environment, elaborated for men and women, with a range of youthful colors. The high-quality woven fabric makes the shoes breathable and comfortable, reducing foot odor and wicking moisture to keep your feet dry. The concave-convex texture of EVA outsole increases the force of friction, keeps you safe on slippery roads and provides cushioning and bounce performance. The simple slip-on design makes shoes easy and convenient to wear and take off. These shoes can effectively prevent the dislocation of the insoles. The shoes are suitable for working, shopping, sports, traveling, etc.

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Urevo shoes, as durable as they are versatile

Urevo Shoes Design

The shoes Urevo is a shoe made to last because their materials are high quality, the sole is the focus of the shoes, so these shoes are made with an elastic and comfortable plastic, the rest of the body of shoes is made of a resistant fabric, as a result we have a shoe that is quite versatile, comfortable and durable.

UREVO Casual Lightweight Breathable Sneakers for Women from Xiaomi Youpin- Light Blue 38

It has a rather youthful appearance and this is because Xiaomi is a meticulous brand in the creation of its products, and together with Urevo designed this product in order to not have the need to tie the laces, that’s why the design is completely smooth, that is, it has no laces, fitting to the feet with a built-in elastic band. They have nothing to envy to the other shoes on the market, so they will position themselves as one of the most practical and resistant shoes in the industry.

Urevo shoes are lightweight and affordable

Urevo Shoes

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These shoes are lightweight, their presentation for ladies weighs only 146 grams, while for men weighs 178 grams. They are available in 4 colors: blue, gray, black and pink. All these presentations will have the same white color on the sole. The shoes Urevo will live up to any user because they promise to be a shoe that will impact on the Asian fashion industry, thanks to its design, materials, and range of youth and fresh colors that will highlight among its competitors. 



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