Xiaomi Upgraded Coffee Machine Drink Maker offered for $145.99

They are several machine drink makers, but The Xiaomi Upgraded Coffee Machine Drink Maker. but this is different from others, Its not called upgraded for no reason. It is called upgraded because of its amazing features. Xiaomi Upgraded Coffee Machine Drink Maker  comes with a 620ml water tank, that  is Convenient for multiple people to share coffee at the same time. you don’t have to go through the stress of making one coffee at a time, for each and every person.

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This capsule coffee machine mini adopts a complete coffee extraction system and rapid heating technology, i.e it heats fast , so you don’t have to wait forever. in addition, it is equipped with a 19bar electromagnetic pump and flow meter to make the coffee extraction volume more, The machine drink maker is stable and it releases the mellow flavor of coffee.


With the Xiaomi Upgraded Coffee Machine Drink Maker you can happily say goodbye to stress with just one-click extraction. It comes with a very simple function buttons,you don’t need all the knowledge in the world to have a cup of coffee it lets you easily have a cup of fragrant coffee.


It comes with a customized cup size,and it also presens two cup sizes. The coffee machine presets two cup sizes of 40ml and 110ml.  And you can customize a personal taste by long pressing the big cup key to memorize the amount of coffee extraction cup (25-180ml). and its an awesome coffee.

Where to buy The Xiaomi Upgraded Coffee Machine Drink Maker?

The  Xiaomi Upgraded Coffee Machine Drink Maker is available on Banggood for $145.99


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