Guaranteed comfort! Get to know the new Xiaomi Uleemark sports shoes

The sub-brand Uleemark of Xiaomi is every day making more presence in the market. On several occasions, we have been surprised with wonderful jackets produced by Uleemark, which are useful for every season and for every occasion of the day. The one that we present to you most recently is the Xiaomi Uleemark Jacket Waterproof, with double layer to protect you better from the cold and the hardened winter winds. Today, to complement it, the company has launched some new Xiaomi Uleemark sports shoes; of which we will talk to you a bit below.

Xiaomi Uleemark sports shoes

Xiaomi Uleemark sports shoes: Innovative materials

The sole is one of the strengths of this shoe, because it is made with the highest quality to be comfortable in every step made by the user. It is composed of a material derived from polystyrene that contracts and expands back to its natural form. All this happens as the user walks or runs; Thanks to this technology neither the foot nor the heel suffer from the impact of the steps.

Xiaomi Uleemark sports shoes

The entire manufacturing process was incredibly detailed, with certain aspects made by hand to guarantee the construction quality to the consumer. In the end, you got some super comfortable shoes that you will love to use.

Xiaomi Uleemark sports shoes: Different models at a great price

The new Xiaomi Uleemark sports shoes have an approximate price of $30 (about €26) and you can choose between three models of different classic shades that can be combined as you want. The first is the traditional black version, which is also available in military gray and green. Also, the sizes range from 39 to 44 European. For now, they will only go on sale in China but we hope that soon it will become an export product.

Xiaomi Uleemark sports shoes

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