The new Xiaomi Uleemark Dupont has arrived, an incredible jacket that doesn’t require to be washed

Xiaomi is a company that has a huge number of domains in their power, from sub-brands, through allied companies that mass-produce a large number of its smart devices, to platforms such as crowdfunding with which they have offered to the public an amazing amount of products of all kinds. Now the Chinese company has announced as part of its program on this platform, a new jacket that is called Xiaomi Uleemark Dupont and that has a really unique quality, and is the fact that you will never have the need to wash this garment.

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Features of the new Xiaomi Uleemark Dupont

To properly enter into context, it must be said that the Xiaomi Uleemark Dupont uses DuPont paper for its manufacture, which is, basically, a new-patented material that has the new technologies of DuPont, however, it must be clarified that the material as such is not really paper, very in spite of his name. To make it clear, it is a fabric that respects the environment. By this we mean that the fabric is made of flashing technology, managing to combine all the advantages of paper and fiber. Another interesting thing is that the fabric is waterproof, super light and does not stain.

Xiaomi-Uleemark-Dupont-white edition

Thanks to its high technology, it is also ideal for use in the field, as well as industrial protective clothing, aseptic and aerospace medical packaging. The Xiaomi Uleemark Dupont can withstand extremely hostile environments and extreme temperatures ranging from -73ºC to 100ºC. No matter how cold or hot the environment is, the fabric maintains an excellent thermal temperature. The jacket is 90% full of high-quality white goose feathers and they are completely stacked. With respect to its water-repellent property, it reaches level 4, which means that the water can barely be filtered through the fabric.


Let’s briefly explain how the Xiaomi Uleemark Dupont anti-stain feature works. It means that coffee, milk, drinks, spices, among others kinds of stains, can be cleaned with just the use of a soft cloth, and they not leave any stain on the fabric. However, it can also be dry washed or with a common washing machine. Regarding its availability, this product comes in black and white colors in following sizes: small (S), medium (M), large (L), extra-large (XL) and extra extra large (XXL). It costs a total of 459 yuan, which is €66 ($68.5 to change), and it is expected that shipments in China start from November 11.

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