Xiaomi introduces us to TwentySeventeen, a new and powerful waterproof mechanical watch

Xiaomi launched a new product under the Youpin platform. This product is called TwentySeventeen, and it is a light mechanical watch. It is currently available to buy in China through the page of Xiaomi Youpin, and it must be admitted that it comes with a rather high price of 499 yuan (or what would be around $72), but the characteristics seem to justify its high price.

This watch is not exactly manufactured by Xiaomi, but is manufactured by Shenzhen Micro-intelligence Co. Ltd. Who works with the best quality standards. This new watch is a totally mechanical product, so it turns out to be quite interesting.

Xiaomi introduces us to TwentySeventeen, a new and powerful waterproof mechanical watch

Some specifications of this new Xiaomi watch

The new TwentySeventeen watch is made to last for all eternity, because it does not have a battery that runs out. This device uses the kinetic energy it gets when it is used continuously and, in that case, the watch does not need to be rewound. Having said that, if you stop using it for a long time, it must be manually rewound to provide the kinetic energy you need to get it working again.

Its mechanical parts are made from durable materials, and its protective glass is made of sapphire crystal resistant to wear and scratches. The company used a blue coating process equally to avoid glare and smudges left by fingerprints. Also, the center of this and the straps are available in black and white colors.

Some specifications of this new Xiaomi watch

The one with the crown has a gear design, as well as a large, transparent back cover that will allow you to feel the unique rhythm of the mechanical watch when it is on the wrist. More than anything, this new Xiaomi watch is lightweight and, in addition to that great detail, it also comes with a pretty calf skin covering its entire strap. The addition of this skin prevents the watch from moving due to sweat, and everything is thanks to the texture it has. Also, the strap is designed in such a way that it can be easily replaced.

Finally, the TwentySeventeen watch is compatible with the 5ATM waterproof level, which means it can be used in the rain or when washing hands.

Xiaomi introduces us to TwentySeventeen, a new and powerful watch


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