Xiaomi TS Protective Glasses (Anti-blue-rays) offered for $19.99

Are you spending most of your time in front of laptop, TV or mobile screen? Are you feeling the strain in your eyes due to spending time in front of some screen? If your answer to these question is YES! you are at the right place. Today we are going to tell you about the Xiaomi TS Protective Glasses, which comes with declared protection against harmful blue and UV radiation, that is, against eye strain. Because we ourself spend most of our time behind the monitor, so we decided to take it on reconnaissance and bring these glasses in front of our readers.

Xiaomi TS Protective Glasses


Brand and model: Xiaomi TS FU006 
Design: wayfarer Frame 
color: black 
Protection from: Blue-Rays (35%), UV 
Dimensions: 54 x 17 x 138 mm 
Frame material: plastic 
Lens material: polycarbonate 

Appearance wise everything is simple. The Xiaomi TS Protective Glasses arrives in a cardboard box. The box solely depicts the inside of the glasses in a black frame and lenses with a distinctive yellow color. The box also indicates the degree of protection against harmful radiation which is 35%. With the glasses, you will also receive a bag – a case for glasses – microfiber lens cleaning and a paper booklet.

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Xiaomi TS Protective Glasses

The Xiaomi TS Protective Glasses pouch is the simplest of everything ever seen. It is made of artificial leather, and the lines are not everywhere even. On the top, you can find the manufacturer name “Turok Steinhardt”. The glasses resembles the famous Wayfarer model, which is very trendy. The color is black, the outer coating is glossy and glares well from light sources. The material is plastic, and the design is well bent, within reasonable limits. However, if you reach the extreme points when extending the arches, you will hear a creak.

Xiaomi TS Protective Glasses

The Xiaomi TS Protective Glass lens is not made of glass but from more durable and lightweight polycarbonate, with a slightly yellowish tint, which is clearly visible white paper background. Also against the backdrop of a laptop monitor, the difference in the image with a direct view and through the lens of glasses is clearly visible. All these help in the protection of eyes your from harmful rays of screens

As now for the ultraviolet rays, there are not so much artificial UV-sources around us. The most basic and powerful natural UV source is the sun. However, for the sake of interest, let’s look visually at the bandwidth of lenses. I use for this UV-LED with a wavelength of 395-400nm with a voltage of 3.1V. As you can see from the below picture, the Xiaomi TS Protective Glasses let through a very small part of the directional beam of light.

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Xiaomi TS Protective Glasses

Where to buy the Xiaomi TS Protective Glasses?

The Xiaomi TS Protective Glasses are available at gearbest for just $19.99. Considering the original price, this sale can be the best time to grab these glasses right on and protect your eyes.


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