XIAOMI Tonfon Hot Glue Gun USB Rechargable Melt with 10 Glue Stick offered for $42.24

Good day XT Fans, today we are going to tell you about one of the must-have gadget from Xioami the XIAOMI Tonfon Hot Glue Gun. It is quite possible you already own a Hot Glue Gun. However, coming from Xiaomi, the device promises a lot. In this article we will analyze appearance, functions, disassembly and comparison with a wired, check the battery, characteristics, and dimensions of the latest device. To know more about the device keep reading!

XIAOMI Tonfon Hot Glue Gun

The XIAOMI Tonfon Hot Glue Gun is an electromechanical hand tool for dispensing thermoplastic glue. The device is straightforward to set up even if you are a beginner with DIYs. At the front of the nozzle, a rear hole is located for the installation and supply of glue rod. At the top, you can find two diodes with the power button. On the handle, there is a glue supply lever and charging USB port. The handle and body part of the thermoglue gun is covered with TPE.
The XIAOMI Tonfon Hot Glue Gun arrives with a lot of accessories and basically is includes everything you will need to start right away. Accessories include instructions manual in Chinese, quality control charging cable, contains 10 bars (ethylene vinyl acetate) With a diameter of 7 mm, a length of 140 mm and a weight of 5.4 grams.

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XIAOMI Tonfon Hot Glue Gun

The XIAOMI Tonfon Hot Glue Gun takes around 3-second clamping of a single button for turning on the device. Being a cordless device, the diodes indicate the battery charge and heat the nozzle. It takes around 60 seconds for heating, and the maximum heating temperature is 170 ° C. The device can be turned off by a quick one-time press of a button. Moreover while charging you cannot use the Hot Glue Gun. With ergonomics, the tool is comfortable and pleasant to hold.

If you compare the XIAOMI Tonfon Hot Glue Gun with a traditional glue gun, then there are any apparent advantages with the latest model. Firstly, the lack of wires and more weight have a positive effect in operation. The traditional wired glue guns have a tendency of hooking the cable, with the subject there is no such problem. Moreover, there is no need to fence the carrier for work at home or in the yard. Plus are many uses from some purely domestic seconds of work to large creative projects.

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XIAOMI Tonfon Hot Glue Gun

The XIAOMI Tonfon Hot Glue Gun declared maximum adhesive consumption of 1.5 g/min and working time of 30 minutes after single charge. Overall everything is very simple. The device can be used in places remote from civilization and electricity. Good quality materials and assembly. Really convenient to use. Good glue gun. For complete happiness, there is not enough support to work while charging or, even better, the ability to quickly replace the battery.

Where to buy XIAOMI Tonfon Hot Glue Gun?

The XIAOMI Tonfon Hot Glue Gun is available at gearbest for just $42.24.


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