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Hello there! This is Xiaomi Today, and we will be tracking everything Xiaomi. Including the latest news, leaks, insider stories and much more. We will be posting about all stuff related to Xiaomi, including their flagships, budgets, accessories, smart bands, smart TVs, and everything else that is yet to come!

Why only Xiaomi?

Because Xiaomi is the most valuable Tech start up now, and it is one of the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Most of all, we here at Xiaomi Today are great fans of Xiaomi (just like you!). And we want to become the most authoritative source for all things Xiaomi, what anyone else haven’t tried before.

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Xiaomitoday is not just about Xiaomi, it's about all innovative things that can meet people's needs and change the world. Xiaomitoday is hiring writers, please send email to [email protected]

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