Xiaomi Tiny Flexible Detachable USB Fan With Low Power Consumption Offered For Just $1.93

Standard USB Interface / Flexible / Dismountable / Pocket Size / Mute Fan

Sometimes you might want to on the main fan in the house or AC but due to one or two reasons, you won’t be able to  turn it on, with the Xiaomi Tiny Flexible Detachable USB Fan you are highly covered as it affords you the opportunity of focusing the little but  powerful fan in a particular direction. The Detachable USB Fan is designed with a standard USB interface, which makes it compatible with all kinds of USB enabled device, such as mobile power bank, computer, laptop, car charger, etc. It is fabricated from soft silica gel materials giving the XiaoMi fan a perfectly flexible bend and transformation.

It comes with an Innovative pocket size together with a detachable body, which you can put in your bag or pocket when not in use.  The Xiaomi Tiny Flexible Detachable USB Fan Works with extremely low noise, the loudest noise is only 25.8 decibel, enabling you to share and enjoy the quiet cool world. With the With XiaoMi mobile power supply and other power banks, the USB fan can reach to 62 hours continuous work at maximum.

The Xiaomi Tiny Flexible Detachable USB Fan is currently available on Gearbest For $1.92

A very similar product that was discounted is the Original Xiaomi Portable USB LED Light (Enhanced Edition). same size, same material, just light and the other fan.

Xiaomi Portable USB LED Light (Enhanced Edition) ($1.99)

The Original Xiaomi Portable USB LED Light (Enhanced Edition) is a little gadget that has absolutely no cons whatsoever in my opinion. It’s all pros all the way. The LED component is a product of Philips Lumileds with a power/voltage rating of 2.5W(MAX)/5V and is rumoured to have 50,000 hours of useful lifespan. The design is pretty simple with the LED at one end and the power/brightness control button as well as USB connector at the other end and a long flexible/adjustable neck in the middle.




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