Xiaomi TDS Water Test Pen Offered at $9.99

The Xiaomi TDS Water Test Pen was launched along with its first home water filtration kit. Externally, the device is similar to an electronic thermometer. But except for the temperature. The TDS test pen measures to a normal ballpoint pen. It’s a quite cheap but useful product that you should keep at hand in order to determine the quality of water based on TDS guidelines. Now it is offered for only $9.99.

Xiaomi TDS Water Test Pen

The body of the Xiaomi TDS Water Test Pen is water resistant due to the IPX6 rating. The top compartment holds the replaceable batteries while the bottom cap protects the electrode sensors when the test pen is not used.

It even doesn’t require any additional knowledge to use the tester. You only have to press of the test button in order to get the TDS meter reading in seconds when the electrodes are submerged into the test liquid. TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. Thus, the Xiaomi TDS Water Test Pen will measure all negative (anions) and positively charged ions (cations) that are present in water. Examples of such ions may include Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Phosphate, Nitrate, Silicate, etc.

Xiaomi TDS Water Test Pen

The device has a calibration function, the implementation of which takes a minimum of time and effort. Do not become a hindrance for the test and temperature of water.

The power supply is provided via two miniature batteries. Their charge is enough for a long time, and the replacement is very fast.

Xiaomi TDS Water Test Pen

The Xiaomi TDS Water Test Pen is an indispensable, easy-to-manage and very useful device for the systematic monitoring of water quality.

Tips for using a TDS meter:

  1. Avoid touching and do not damage the electrodes
  2. Keep the electrodes clean by rinsing them in distilled water, if scale builds up on the electrodes you can use a little vinegar to clean them, rinse well in distilled water after cleaning.

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