TCL and Xiaomi have joined in a commercial alliance to make smart products

Xiaomi teamed up with TCL Group to form a new strategic union to develop new products and electronic devices. On January 4, Xiaomi invested 65.2 million shares (0.48% stake) in TCL . The two companies that had previously signed a pact on December 29 expect to deepen the ties of their new society.

Xiaomi and TCL are companies that complement each other. In 2018, Xiaomi gained popularity in the appliance segment. And is that the Chinese giant is not only known for their smartphones, but also for their home smart devices, such as air conditioners, washing machines, etc. So the result of this new association is predictable. Xiaomi will focus on research, development, and design of the next products, while TCL will use its extensive experience in assembly, supply, and production chains, thus achieving to offer the best of both companies to the consumer.


Xiaomi: The No. 1 brand on smart TVs.

In recent years, Xiaomi has become the number one smart TV brand in China. In addition, according to the IDC survey for the third quarter of 2019, the Chinese company dethroned Samsung and became the number one smart TV brand in India. As if the above wasn´t enough, Xiaomi has also increased its global sales by 350% last year.


TCL: The producer No. 5 in smart TVs in China.

In addition, TCL is not far behind, this company is a brand recognized in China for its excellent TVs, being the number 5 producer of all China, so the partnership with TCL will undoubtedly benefit Xiaomi in all related markets with appliances.


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