Xiaomi Surge S2 at 16nm Going on Production

Topics about Xiaomi’s in-house made chip have been buzzing the net for a while. Many were thinking this chip will appear on the Xiaomi Mi 6 as a replacement of the Snapdragon 835. I guess you remember there was a real issue with production capacity. However, the first SoC made by Xiaomi was announced on another smartphone known as the Xiaomi Mi 5C. Though the Xiaomi Surge S1 showcases acceptable performance and it competes successfully with the Snapdragon 625, this chip runs on a 28nm process technology. This doesn’t allow the chip to compete for higher prizes, and the only rivals still remain the SND625, MediaTek P20/25, and Huawei Kirin 655. But we know Xiaomi is ambitious and it should improve this line in order to make a rough competition to Huawei and other top brands. That’s why the next-level chip should come as soon as possible. Fortunately, we have heard good news – Digitimes reports the Surge S2 will go on production in the nearest future.

Surge S1

The Surge S1 was launched in February. It is based on eight cores 4 of which are clocked at a 2.2GHz frequency and the next 4 A53 cores run at 1.4GHz. The chip is also paired with a Mali-T860 MP4 GPU. Not bad, but it is only capable of fighting against mid-range chips. As for the second-gen Xiaomi Surge S2 SoC, it’s said to come in Q3, 2017 and it will run on 16nm process technology. This is not the fastest technology, but it’s the way better than what the Surge S1 comes with.

Surge S1

The Surge S2 is thought to appear on the Xiaomi Mi 6C and 6S. They are considered to come in Q4, 2017. So the news as the second-gen Xiaomi chip is about to enter production sound quite realistic. But what’s more important – the Xiaomi Surge S2 should be able to make competition to higher chips such as Snapdragon 825.


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