Xiaomi store overflows popularity in Barcelona

Xiaomi, the famous manufacturer of Smartphones and other products for home and everyday life, is widely known for the availability of its products online. However, a recent expansion plan has caused a new boom among fans and users in general. The construction of physical stores has yielded unexpected results, which has led to an even faster growth of this strategy. In this way, the stores are already on the European continent.

Xiaomi Spain2

Recent photos show how a Xiaomi store located in Barcelona – Spain, opened at the end of last month, enjoys the same popularity as stores in the Asian continent.

Xiaomi’s fame

The store that we mention is located in front of the convention center where the MWC 18 was held. We must clarify that this is not a Xiaomi Mi Home created directly by Xiaomi, but that it is an authorized store. However, this does not seem to alter the popularity of it.

Xiaomi Spain1

During the MWC, the Fast Technology group took the opportunity to visit the store personally and were surprised when they saw that it enjoyed popularity almost identical to that seen in Chinese stores.

Knowing the Xiaomi store

Located in front of the Carrefour Shopping Center, the store can be found thanks to the large logo near the stairs. On the outside, the store organized an outdoor presentation to showcase some of the brand’s most attractive products. They also took the opportunity to deliver commemorative cards to customers. All these measures have been effective at attracting the attention of the different buyers.

Xiaomi Spain Entrance

The visit to the store was made at approximately 17:00, a moment that is not the best with the flow of people, but that did not matter since the store was also full of Spaniards in its majority.

The store has a distribution similar to the official Xiaomi Mi Home, with a large central table that serves as the core to expose the latest Smartphones. Among the exposed devices were the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2, which attracted a large number of spectators.

You can also appreciate the Xiaomi Mi A1, the first device of the company to use a pure Android system (Android One).

In the left area of the store are other Xiaomi products, such as TVs, TV Box, Robots, Routers and other peripherals and accessories of the company.

Finally, on the right are the cell phone protectors, backpacks, and more accessories for phones. The flow of people is still not as seen in Asia, but the store has very little time open, so a bright future is expected if this audience has already achieved.



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