Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth Speaker 2 Review – Powerful Speaker For Just $22.99 on GearBest!

Xiaomi has always been known for its great products that deliver quality for your money. Not that you’ll really spend much because they come with amazing prices but they give you the best. One of Xiaomi’s killer product was the Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth speaker with a large 1200mAh battery which made its grand entry in 2015. The company recently released the second generation of this cheap quality speaker dubbed Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth Speaker 2 and you know what, it offers you much more features at almost the same price. The Xiaomi Square Box 2 Bluetooth speaker is presently available for $27.99.You can now get it on GearBest for just $22.99.Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth Speaker 2x Bluetooth Speaker 2

We have got the Xiaomi Square Box 2 Bluetooth speaker, thanks to Banggood who sent in the gadget for review. So, we’d be doing a quick review of the Xiaomi Square Box 2 so you would know what features the Speaker offers.

Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth Speaker 2

UNBOXING –  Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth Speaker 2  Review

The  Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth Speaker 2 comes in a rectangular shaped white box with the picture of the speaker at the front and the specifications of the device written in Chinese at the back. The box slides open like a match box after the adhesive used to keep it in place is removed. Actually, there isn’t much to write about the box as it only contains the user manual which may be practically useless to you except you can read Chinese.Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth Speaker 2

Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth Speaker 2  Hands-on

You may want to wonder how come Xiaomi crammed a lot more features on this new  Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth Speaker II and was still able to keep the price low. Well, the Bluetooth speaker uses an aluminium body like its predecessor and is coated in silver, giving it an attractive look. The front and back of the speaker are made from a white plastic material. There are two silicon pads underneath the speaker which prevent the speaker from sliding off the table as it blasts away. You also get a multi-functional power button at the top and volume controls.Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth Speaker 2

Aside from turning the device on or off, the power button also serves as a pause and play button when you are listening o music or a movie on a paired device. The button also assists in receiving and ending a call. Yes, you can actually use it to answer phone calls. The device feels good to handle, doesn’t feel too heavy and is very portable. There are two ports at the rear. One is the USB port for keeping the device charged and the next is an AUX Line-in port with which a wired connection can be initiated with a supported device.Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth Speaker 2

Main Features –  Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth Speaker 2  Review

The  Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth Speaker 2 is a Bluetooth speaker so, the main feature on board should be the Bluetooth 4.2 chip it features. The device comes with only a power button and volume control button for controls. The power button powers the device on and off and performs other important duties. When it comes on, a light located where the speaker grill comes on and you actually hear a sound when the device is powered on or is switched off. The light blinks until the speaker is paired and it remains a blue light. The light also changes to pink when the battery is running low.  But that isn’t the most amazing feature.

How to connect

Turn on your phone Bluetooth and turn on the Bluetooth search mode in the speaker, you need to hold down the power button to make it blink red and blue, search for XMFHZ02 and connect it, it’s that simple.

Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth Speaker 2

The one that got most thrilled in the microphone which allows someone to take a call while working without touching the smartphone. When there’s an incoming call and the smartphone is paired with the speaker, the call can be initiated using the power button and when you’re done, the power button also terminates the call. You can also actually adjust the volume such that when there is a new notification on the smartphone and a music is playing, the volume automatically reduces so you’ll hear the notification.

Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth Speaker 2

The Speaker output is also another amazing feature. In fact, this sums up the great product this is. Merely looking at the size you won’t expect the sound output you get from the speaker. The sound is super loud and not just loud, there’s also a good deal of bass on the output. It is great indoors and still performs outdoors. One notable feature is that you can control the volume from the smartphone. But the speaker is so unique that even when the volume is at its peak on the phone control, you can still push it a bit further using the volume control button. You can also monitor the battery level on a connected smartphone.Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth Speaker 2

The multi-functionality of the  Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth Speaker 2 also includes the Auxiliary port it features. This makes it possible that even with a device which doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can still connect the speaker through the 3.5mm audio jack and use as desired. The Xiaomi  Square Box 2 is listed with a 1200mAh battery which the company says lasts up to 10 hours at 40% speaker level. Honestly, I was so excited with the output that I blasted at full intensity all through. Even at that, I still got more than four hours of steady playing before the battery indicated it was running out. In order to extend the usage, even at full blast, the speaker can be connected to the computer or other charging sources when in use. It still works fine, even while plugged. When running in battery mode, the device goes off all by itself after some minutes when it is left idle.Xiaomi Square Box Bluetooth Speaker 2

You can buy this amazing Bluetooth Speaker on GearBest for just $22.99. That is an amazing price for a device that you won’t regret owning. I assure you that you’ll get a bang for your bucks.


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  1. Olá Meu computador não acha o drive que instala as caixas o que devo fazer?

    1. Hola, es posible que deba borrar los dispositivos Bluetooth en su sistema e intente buscarlos de nuevo. Alternativamente, puede utilizar el cable de conexión de jack de audio M-M de 3.5 mm para conectar el altavoz a su computadora. Gracias por visitar Xiaomitoday

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