Xiaomi presents a new 6-in-1 package for the new year

The quantity of products that Xiaomi has is incalculable, they have devices of all kinds, from different Smartphones, going through robots that help with household chores, lamps, bulbs, and even their own clothes. Now, thanks to the beginning of a new year, the Chinese company has decided to create a “gift” for all their fans, which is an essential package that has six products of different types of Xiaomi; It was created by Luofeike Culture Co. Ltd, which is located in Shenzhen.

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An incredible gift from Xiaomi

The products that this new gift package brings are a Xiaomi Dot Bluetooth mechanical keyboard, a Bluetooth speaker, a light bulb, a calculator, a C.Medal commemorative key and a black bag. Something quite curious about this package and all its products is that they all come in a combination of gold/black color. Talking a little more in depth about the products that this combo has, the mechanical keyboard has an aerodynamic design and enjoys retro-elements such as those of typewriters. It has a mechanical axis of 79 keys, as well as a built-in 4000mAh battery. Moving to another device, the calculator has a mechanical axis of 20 keys and measures 148x92x35mm in conjunction with a weight of 162g. In addition to this, it works with a DC of 15V.

Xiaomi Gift 6-1

Its design is one step ahead of that of an ordinary calculator, giving it more life and making it less boring. On the Xiaomi Candy Light, it is a 2W bulb that has the ability to adjust its brightness of 1% up to 100% depending on the natural light that is in place, plus it also has a 2200mAh battery. This turns out to be a pretty good gift to start a new year with energy.


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