Xiaomi establishes itself as the third best Smartphones brand of Spain

The expansion of Xiaomi in Europe is evident and its popularity is increasing more and more among European users, specifically in Spain, where the brand has already established itself as the third most relevant smartphone brand in the Spanish national market just 1 year after its arrival in the country.

With 23 stores spread throughout the Spanish territory, the Asian brand has sold more than one million smartphones since its landing in the country, with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and the Xiaomi Mi A1 being the best-selling devices so far.

The Xiaomi philosophy of good quality at a good price makes the difference

Xiaomi is established itself as the third best Smartphones brand of Spain

Xiaomi is a brand known for bringing very competitive prices to the market at a great quality, this has been the decisive factor that has led Xiaomi to reap successes around the world. This third position leaves Xiaomi only behind Samsung and Huawei.

Xiaomi continues to increase its market share in Spain

Xiaomi continues to increase its market share in Spain

Xiaomi closed the third quarter of 2018 with a 14.5% share of the Spanish market, an improvement over the second quarter, where it appropriated 14.1% of the market share.

Alvin Tse, Director of Marketing in Europe of Xiaomi, said that Spain represents a priority market for the Asian brand. He also talked about the efforts of Xiaomi to strengthen its relationship with the followers of the brand, thanks to the 15 authorized Mi Stores and its 8 exclusive Mi Stores, all of this along with several official points of sale with which they have sought to reach every corner of the European country.

“This has allowed us to reach 14 Spanish provinces, and create 135 indirect jobs in the country” – Alvin Tse, Director of Marketing in Europe of Xiaomi

Xiaomi managed to close new agreements with operators such as Telefónica or Vodafone, as well as distribution chains like Alcampo, Carrefour or El Corte Inglés, In addition to e-commerce giants such as Amazon or AliExpress, Xiaomi has managed to establish a sales network with great potential in the European country.

The Director of Marketing in Europe also affirmed that Xiaomi has reached 100 million units in sales during this last year, according to statistics updated to October 26, 2018, with 2 months left for the closing of the calendar year, making Xiaomi the fourth manufacturer of smartphones worldwide.

The new challenges of Xiaomi in Spain

The new challenges of Xiaomi in Spain

Xiaomi not only has to stand its ground against its main market rivals, such as Samsung, Huawei, Apple or Sony, among several other brands, but they also have to plan new strategies before the arrival of new brands of good level such as Oppo or OnePlus, both brands with a philosophy of quality/price balance very similar to Xiaomi.

Source: El País

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