Xiaomi SOOCAS X1 Electric Toothbrush New Release Support IPX7 Waterproof

On June 7, Xiaomi raised a line of sonic electric toothbrushes called “Dr. Pui”. The brush head of this product adopts a mountain-shaped structure and a sandwich-type bristle arrangement, which can penetrate into the gingival sulcus. The bristles of The “three types of sharpened fur” produced by Toray of Japan can effectively relieve the bleeding condition of gums. Buy The Xiaomi SOOCAS X1 Electric Toothbrush HERE.

Xiaomi SOOCAS X1 Electric Toothbrush

The Doctor Sonic electric tooth (including brush head) weighs only 90g, has a diameter of 25mm, and is not only compact but also easy to hold. The toothbrush supports both strong and weak vibration modes. It also supports a 30-second smart zone reminder, IPX7 waterproof and wireless charging, which can be used once for 21 days.

Xiaomi SOOCAS X1 Electric Toothbrush

In addition, Its Shell’s magnetic levitation motor with sonic teeth has a high frequency of 31,000 beats per minute. The amplitude of the bristles is more than 5.5 mm, which makes it possible to clean the surface of the tooth and the blind area of the mouth more effectively and to disintegrate the plaque. And the motor uses a gradual start-up method to effectively prevent toothpaste from splashing. This product is currently priced at 99 yuan, and interested friends can buy it on Gearbest for just $39.99.

Buy The Xiaomi SOOCAS X1 Electric Toothbrush On Gearbest for $39.99, HERE



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