Xiaomi Soocas W3 Review: Necessary Gadget for travelling


Xiaomi is a China ’s leading company which is dealing with a lot of electrical types of equipment. So,  here comes excellent equipment to keep your mouth fresh for the whole day. A clean mouth leads to more conversations.  Xiaomi Soocas W3 is such a product which will freshen your mouth in a single go. The only thing you have to do is on the flosser, and your mouth gets cleaned efficiently.  Do start a pleasant morning with a shining smile and a refreshing mouth.


Have you ever experienced a situation when your mouth bleeds because of toothbrushes?

It’s not like brushing in a lousy manner cause bleeding but also some people brush for more than two times for oral hygiene which leads to bleeding gums. So, brushing phenomena creates a great significance. The products work in a way that the water comes out of the flosser with a great force which will remove the filth easily. You can use the product at any time. But, I would suggest you move the dirt as soon as you eat something. Use the product once after lunch and dinner respectively, and this will help you to carry a mouth with a scintillating odor.

A customer gets impressed because of the specification and ratings of the products. I will give the best reviews which will make you buy the product for sure. Experiencing a product for real and then reviewing it will work.

Soocas W3

Detail of the handpiece:

Xiaomi Soocas W3 contains an irrigator which is also called an oral irrigator which helps to remove the food debris from the mouth efficiently. Even if you wash your mouth correctly, still your hidden dirt resides in your mouth. So, the irrigator can resolve such a problem. The irrigator has an engine which generates pressure to remove the resided dirt. The amount of pressure lies between 40 to 150 PSI. The weight helps the water to come out of a considerable force with a sleek width that is 0.66mm. The water comes out from a nozzle which is made up of food grade material. Hence it is safe to use the product with an irrigator. The irrigator is connected to a tank which contains water, and the capacity of the container is 230ml.

Soocas W3

The pressure of the water jet comes in different modes. You can arrange it in your way. There are three modes according to the nature of your teeth. The first mode is soft. As the name is self-explanatory, people with very soft teeth can use this mode. Oral sensitivity is the main focus of this mode. Then comes the standard where one can categorize natural teeth — most of the people willing to use the standard one. The one who is suffering from severe bleeding gums can get relief through the massage mode. Here, the rate of the water pulse is 1300 per minute. With this result, one can use the irrigator without thinking.

Soocas W3

Battery and charging details:

Xiaomi Soocas W3 is a portable oral irrigator. The product has electrical services during the supply of water jet so the one can charge the product using the USB charging method. It takes 4 to 6 hours to charge, and the charging voltage is 5V. Android devices when charged once, it hardly gets used for just 24 hours. But, Xiaomi Soocas W3 stands apart in case of battery. One of the astonishing features of this product is if you have a full battery, then the product will work for 5 to 6 days. So, grab the best electric tooth cleaner for your vacations. Even if you are not having a toothbrush and your family has a Xiaomi Soocas W3, then you can survive and enjoy your holidays again with a fresh and clean mouth. The battery capacity is 2000 mAh.

Sometimes, the battery is the primary feature that reveals the performance of the product. As listed above, the capacity and the stand apart features are amazing. Then you don’t need to wait for other’s to get a rating click for the performance of Xiaomi Soocas W3. But a customer always doubts without looking towards the reality of the product. So, it’s the time to reveal the notable point that in performance point of view the overall rating of the product is 9/10. Are you still waiting for a deal?

Soocas W3

Package content:

The whole package of Xiaomi Soocas W3 contains a Soocas W3 irrigator, a nozzle, a USB cable, a water leak prevent stopper, and a user manual. The irrigator works the same as mentioned above. The nozzle is of food-grade material which helps the water to get out of the tank according to the water pulse rate. The significant thing is the USB cable which helps to charge the oral irrigator. You don’t need to buy some extra charger. You will get the charger for the irrigator in the package itself. The rubber stopper in the product helps the water not to leak. It seems very bad when the water is leaking from the irrigator while cleaning your mouth. The rubber stopper will allow the supply of water jet or don’t allow to leak. These are the two main features of the rubber stopper — lastly, the user manual which is the most important thing that the package should contain. As websites deal with the user intervals similarly, products deal with the user manuals. So, it doesn’t depend on whether the product is of what kind but it depends on how the user accepts it.

Soocas W3

Well, these were the actual view or the customer side view of the package content. But the hidden aspect of the package content is that the customer should be happy to see the package. Suppose you bought a television, but the packaging for the product doesn’t contain a remote. Will you be disappointed?

It is the only reason to make the package content according to the need?

Soocas W3

Overall Verdict:

The product which comes with impressive features, sound design, perfect package always has a higher demand in the market. Feature-wise, Xiaomi Soocas W3 is the best as a substitute for the toothbrush. A time will come when toothbrush will turn as a substitute for the electrical tooth cleaner. Nowadays people find an easy way to solve their daily life problems also. So brushing teeth was also a significant daily activity and the gadget released. Now the decision is yours.

If you want to stand apart in front of everyone, then you have to carry some cooling types of equipment along with you. So add this item to your list. It is an intelligent way to have a confident smile without working hard to brush your teeth.

Soocas W3

Where to buy;

You can buy the product from Here, the product comes with a discount for a particular coupon code also. A sale name Cyber Monday sale will be on the turn where you can get a discount of 50% for the same product. Grab the deal and enjoy a pleasant smile and a good conversation.



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