Xiaomi SOOCAS H3S Negative Ion Quick Dry Hair Dryer Offered For $59.99

Although Xiaomi is a technology brand, it has become a “grocery shop” in the development of many years. Its products cover a wide range and meet the needs of many various aspects of life. Months ago, Xiaomi has an official microblog announced that it won 2018 Germany. The iF design award-winning SOOCAS negative ion quick-drying hair dryer was officially launched at Xiaomi Youpin Mall

SOOCAS is the eco-chain enterprise brand under Xiaomi. The previous core business was the SOOCAS Sonic electric toothbrush, and now it has added a hairdryer. Appearance, the SOOCASnegative ion quick-drying hair dryer is integrated into the Japanese aesthetic concept, simple, Red wine, low-light silver with red, integrated design, seamless, no screws, all aluminum alloy barrel, effectively reduce the wind, the temperature at which the cartridge is used to avoid hot.

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The SOOCAS negative ion quick-drying hair dryer relies on the innovative flow-conducting structure to achieve a larger air volume. The tapered outer diameter of the airflow is gradually increased in the wind direction and gradually formed by the conical fluid. Divergence, greatly reducing the resistance. In addition, the SOOCAS negative ion fast-drying hair dryer dual-channel output of tens of millions of high-concentration negative ions to the shown layer, to maintain moisture and shine, to avoid hair, static electricity. And it uses a detachable air vent, which can be rotated 360°, and the long flat shape concentrates the wind to blow out your favorite hairstyle.

The power of the SOOCAS negative ion quick-drying hair dryer is 1800W. It is softer than the professional 2200W, and it is faster and quicker than the ordinary household 1000W. This power feels just right, does not hurt hair, blows hair and dry quickly. The nozzle of the SOOCAS negative ion quick-drying hair dryer, this air nozzle is also quite special, it uses a double-layer isolation design, the heat does not directly contact the outer layer of the tuyere. This can effectively avoid burns caused by overheating and is safer.

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The size and feel of the handle are very well designed, and it does not feel top-heavy. Skin-like materials are not easy to slip. Its entire body is very small, and girls can easily use it without feeling tired. Each time you use it, you can release millions of negative ions to protect your hair. The dual channel of the Susie hair dryer can output high-density negative ions to the surface of the hair, leaving the hair hydrated and radiant.



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