Xiaomi SO WHITE EX3 Electric Toothbrush Now For Only $13.99 at Geekbuying (Flash Sale)

Oral hygiene has been everyone’s daily routine. But did you choose a quality brush? Xiaomi SO WHITE EX3 electric brush will be a suggestion for you. This is not the first electric toothbrush from Xiaomi, but it differs from previous models with interesting features and low price. Xiaomi SO WHITE EX3 has a beautiful and comfortable lightweight design, and 3 cleaning modes, it offers 31000 vibrations per minute and works up to 25 days on one charge.

Buy Xiaomi SO WHITE EX3 (Pink and Blue Color)

Now you can buy Xiaomi SO WHITE EX3 in Pink and blue colors directly from the Chinese warehouse of Geekbuying for a great price of just $13.99.

EX3 electric brush is quite thin and light. Weighing only 50g with a slim design like a pen, allowing users to easily carry around anywhere. In addition, the product set includes 2 versions which are lovely pink suitable for girls, and fresh green, simple, suitable for boys. Comfortable portable design.

Sonic SO WHITE electric brushes use brushed hair imported from the US DuPont company, so the bristles have moderate stiffness, the top of the round hair to avoid damaging the gums. The hairs are designed to curve to match the tooth surface. Brushed hair is designed long for the ability to penetrate molars, cavities, interdental spaces … easily and clean teeth in many directions.

SO WHITE brush head design has a small oval shape that fits the user’s mouth. At the same time, a soft rubber layer is covered to avoid oral lesions due to inappropriate force when brushing teeth. The design of the brush head is removable, allowing the user to replace the brush head every 6 months, to achieve the best cleaning effect. In addition, the brush body is covered with 1 high-grade ABS plastic for the ability to hold firmly and comfortably.

In the kit, the manufacturer has added a wireless charging dock. Besides the EX3 electric brush is also integrated with a smart wireless induction charger. When charging is needed, users simply place the toothbrush directly on the charging dock to charge quickly. Each full charge of the brush can be used about 25 days, 2 times a day, about 2 minutes each time.

Usually manual brushing with only a capacity of about 100-200 times/minute. The Sonic EX3 electric brush is equipped with a powerful motor with vibrating sound wave technology up to 31,000 times per minute not only cleaning the tooth surface in a short time but also safe with the gums, Help users save more time.

SO WHITE brushes support 3 different brushing modes. With standard brush mode, the frequency response 31,000 times vibrates every minute, making deep cleaning, suitable for everyone. With gentle mode, the brush meets the frequency of 27,000 vibrations per minute, suitable for sensitive gums or for the first time using electric brushes. The third mode uses alternating 2 different frequencies every minute to make brushing easier and better gingival protection.

The manufacturer has studied the oral cavity divided into 4 regions, each with an appropriate brushing time of 30 seconds. The brush is integrated with the vibrating feature to remind users to change the cleaning area so that the entire mouth is cleaned evenly and more efficiently. Besides electric brush will automatically turn off after 2 minutes to create the habit of brushing science. The automatic memory of the brush will automatically save the frequency you just used.

Because the SO WHITE EX3 electric brush is frequently in contact with water, the manufacturer has equipped the most advanced IPX7 waterproof standard. Therefore users can be assured after each use of electric brushes can be washed directly with water while ensuring safety for devices and users.

Buy Xiaomi SO WHITE EX3 (Pink and Blue Color)

Now you can buy Xiaomi SO WHITE EX3 in Pink and blue colors directly from the Chinese warehouse of Geekbuying for a great price of just $13.99.


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