Xiaomi will finance a new Smartwatch with its crowdfunding platform

We know that the Asian company, Xiaomi, has an incredible repertoire of products of all kinds, ranging from Smartphones, to devices for the home, although ironically, they still do not have a brand specialized in Smartwatches and to attend this market, they have their partner Huami Technology, which has launched several sports models, being one of the most popular, the Xiaomi Huami Amazfit 2, which offers fantastic performance in every aspect, but we must add that this is not all, as the company of Lei Jun will announce tomorrow, February 19th, the start of the financing of a new Smartwatch that will be added to its catalog.

Xiaomi will start financing its new product

Tomorrow, Xiaomi will use its financing program for new products, better known as Youpin, which has presented excellent devices and as expected, this will not be the exception. It is quite probable that the most knowledgeable users of Xiaomi are wondering if it is really a new Smartwatch since this platform has achieved its popularity thanks to the exotic variety that it tends to offer, but in this case, the spokesperson of the brand clarified that it is a sports Smartwatch.

Xiaomi crowdfunding

The only thing we know about its characteristics is that it will feature GPS tracking in real time and it stands out thanks to the fact that it can record each step taken by the user. As for the rest of its functions, knowing that it is a sport watch, we can intuit that it comes with different modes of use oriented to fitness, therefore, the battery should have a long time of use, around 35 hours or even more, for greater resistance, the screen will surely opt for a sapphire crystal, and the synchronization with Smartphones will be guaranteed.

Xiaomi Smartwatch

When will this new Smartwatch go on sale?

This question is far from being answered with clarity, since only tomorrow will start the collection of funds to start this project, so we are talking about months before we can know something about it, but likewise, we will be attentive to any relevant information that comes out of this new Smartwatch to share it with all of you.

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