Xiaomi Smartphones are the number 1 in all Ukraine

One of the markets that have more competition at present is the Smartphones one, due to the great sales that it generates annually, so much so that this market has reached its highest point, making it difficult for OEMs to launch “anything” and have success in the process. The Chinese Smartphone market is saturated with all kinds of devices, and at the same time, they have several of the highest annual sales in these markets, which is why new brands are looking for a new territory in which to leave. This is where Europe comes in; however, companies like Xiaomi have dominated this continent as well.

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Report about Xiaomi and other Smartphones companies in Europe

Canalys, who subsequently published a report in which they showed their results, carried out an investigation of the market; in this, we can see the market shares of different companies. According to it, Xiaomi has obtained very good results throughout Europe, especially in Ukraine, this because during the fourth quarter of 2018 the Chinese company had a market share of 26.7% achieving the first position in this country for the first time, above companies like Samsung who had a 26.5% share.

Xiaomi's Share - Ukraine

Something quite interesting that showed the report on this country is that 4 of the 5 brands at the top are Chinese, accompanied by Huawei (16.2%), Meizu (10.6%) and Honor (7.9%). On the other hand, in the Western European market, Xiaomi smartphones have achieved great results, entering the top 5 and being, in turn, the company with the fastest growth of all of the list, achieving a 415.1% growth rate. So much so, that only in the Spanish market, Xiaomi managed to grow a total of 273.4% and with this has managed to position itself within the top 3 places in this country.

Europe Smartphones sales

Something that has strongly influenced this growth is that Xiaomi managed to enter effectively countries like France, Italy, and the United Kingdom, among others. All this as part of their global expansion plan that began four years ago, so it is quite impressive the increase it has achieved in such a short time, not to mention, of course, the huge amount of sales it has obtained with this expansion plan.


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