A List of New Xiaomi Smartphone line Is Leaked

A new Mi S series may come in the future.

The second quarter of the year is just beginning. However, that has not made relax to the Chinese technology company, Xiaomi. In the first months of 2018, the company has had a lot of activity, several devices have already been released to the market. But apparently, Xiaomi has big plans for the future in terms of its line of smartphones. This is because, on May 11th, a document from the Eurasian Economic Commission was leaked by KillerFeatures: a list of Xiaomi Smartphones that the company plans to launch in the long term.

The New Xiaomi Smartphone's line Is Filtered
The New Xiaomi Smartphone line Is Filtered

The list includes launches and upcoming projects valid until 2023.

In the document, you can see several devices of the Mi and Redmi series that don’t have a launching date yet. However, Redmi S2 and Mi MIX 2S are included, which were previously released to the market. The line of the series S promises, since in the list are observed devices denominated like Mi S1, Mi S2, Mi S3, Redmi S1 and Redmi S3. This penultimate is somewhat confusing because the Redmi S series was originally released to the market with the Redmi S2. As for the Redmi S3, it is expected that this will be the successor of the current Redmi S2 for next year.

The Mi MIX 2S seems to also have a successor, called Mi MIX 3S.

It is rumored that the Xiaomi Mi 7 will be released later this month, which opens the way to assume that the Mi 7 Lite device seen in the document will be no more than a lower-end variant.

List of Xiaomi Smartphone’s line validated until 2023:

• Mi 7 lite.
• Mi S1.
• Mi S2.
• Mi S3.
• Redmi S1.
• Redmi S3.
• Mi MIX 2S.
• Mi MIX 3S.
• Redmi Note 6.
• Redmi Note 6A.
• Redmi Note 6A Prime.
• Redmi Note 6 Prime.
• Redmi 6 Plus.
• Redmi 6A plus.
• Redmi A1.
• Redmi A2.

Most of these teams will not see the light for this year, so we will have to keep waiting and see what news Xiaomi brings us about these.


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