Xiaomi Smartmi Wall-mounted Air Filter System Fan Offered For $450.81

The reason why one would be advice to get inlet air cleaner is that, it is not just designed to clean the air. With it, the house gets fresh air from the street, which is thoroughly filtered. This model is not installed on the floor, but mounted on the wall. He takes the outside air, drives it through the filters and produces fresh clean air at the outlet. Therefore, there is always fresh air in the room that is not contaminated by various substances, pathogenic bacteria, and dust. Due to the fact that such a system allows access to fresh air from the outside, there is no need to ventilate the room by opening windows. Therefore, street dust, harmful substances, and other contaminants do not enter the room

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Main Features:

  • Large-diameter forward-inclined centrifugal fan to form a large fresh air volume to provide new oxygen
  • 24h energy-saving silent operation, high-precision sensor
  • Touch display integrated screen, PM2.5 air quality real-time display
  • Four-speed switching mode, change the sleeping gear before going to bed, open the 3rd gear before going home, switch 1st gear at home, go out and open the interval
  • Intelligent linkage control, you can use the “Mijia APP” smart remote control
  • Triple progressive filtration, rapid filtration of PM2.5 and fine particles, with filter cartridge reminder
  • ?Filter rating: medium efficiency filter MERV12 + high-efficiency filter H13

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The Xiaomi Mijia Smartmi Fresh Air Wall-Mounted System sucks in the room air, then passes through a series of filters to cleanse any debris. Small particles, pollen and mites. The cleaned air is blown out by the engine which runs at speeds up to 1030 rpm. The Xiaomi wall air purifier is dedicated to larger rooms than the most popular Xiaomi Air Purifier 2 in Polish homes. The performance of the new product is between Purifier 2 and Purifier Pro.

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Like all predecessors, the wall-mounted purifier also has several options for the operating mode to choose from. At full power, it filters 220m3 / hi and emits noise 41,3 dB, the current consumption is then 33,8 W. The most quiet mode allows cleaning 52m3 / h with 26,7dB and power consumption 3,3W. A round touch screen has been placed on the front of the device, so there is no need to run the MiHome application to view the air condition in the apartment. Communicates using a WiFi network.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Smartmi Wall-mounted Air Filter System Fan

The Xiaomi Smartmi Wall-mounted Air Filter System Fan is currently available on Gearbest for $450.81



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