Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Humidifier offered for $88.59

The weather is dry, or you have to work regularly in an air-conditioned environment, causing your skin to dry and even affect your health. Therefore, a humidifier is always the first choice in these cases. If you are still wondering, Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Humidifier is capable of diffusing essential oils will be an option not to be missed.

Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Humidifier Detailed specifications:
Model: JSQ01ZM
Size: Ø200 x 251mm
Capacity: 2.25L
Spray capacity: 200ml / h
Noise level: <= 38dB (A)
Rated power: 24W
Weight: 1.25kg

Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Humidifier

Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Humidifier is designed as a round cylinder with an elegant white color to help enhance the elegance of every space. And especially the compact size will not take up too much space, and you can even put on the desk. In addition, the device also has the advantage of being active with a powerful, even, more powerful spray, spreading faster in the air.

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Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Humidifier

Specifically, the machine gives 200ml /h injection capacity at the 2.4MHz frequency, which breaks down the water particle structure into super-fine micron particles. The smaller the water droplets, the more diffuse and porous, the deeper the sound will be many times better than the conventional spray technology. In addition, this Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Humidifier is also equipped with a more powerful fan with the ability to optimize the wind path structure. Thereby reducing the wind loss when blowing, the sprayed dew particles will follow the fixed vertical line to the air to increase the spreading effect and penetrate deeply into the user’s skin.

Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Humidifier

In particular, the entire internal structure of the Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Humidifier is designed to avoid condensation on the spray nozzle like other regular humidifiers. The lid on the top of the machine manufacturer has designed a funnel-shaped path. That is, users can pour water directly without having to open the lid, or flexibly open the lid depending on the need. Although operating with extremely powerful injection capacity but the machine is still smooth and keeps the noise level at <= 38dB, almost no sound is heard, to avoid disturbing the user life.

Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Humidifier

The water tank is equipped with a capacity of 2.25L which is quite large enough for users to use after a long night without adding water to inconvenience. Specifically, if the tank is filled with water, the Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Humidifier can operate continuously for 8 hours. The device is also equipped with an anti-dry sensor when the water level is lower than the safe level, the machine will automatically disconnect then remind the user to add water and not turn on the device.

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Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Humidifier

All Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Humidifier are processed from high-quality ABS plastic material, and the surface is coated with a protective coating. This material is highly durable, prevents dirt, scratches and is particularly easy to clean. In addition to the structure of the water tank, the lid is easy to disassemble, the inside of the machine is not angled, the surface is smooth, making cleaning both inside and outside the device much simplified. The silicon base helps to fix the machine on a flat surface to avoid slipping and falling during use.

Where to buy Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Humidifier?

The Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Humidifier is available on gearbest for just $88.59.


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