Xiaomi Smartmi Floor Fan gen 2 offered for $204.06

For users who are already familiar with the Xiaomi smart ecosystem, perhaps the appearance of high-end devices is no longer a strange thing. In fact, Xiaomi and its brands have constantly dominated the market with strange devices. Typically, the Xiaomi Smartmi floor Fan below.

Product specifications Xiaomi Smartmi floor Fan:
Brand: Smartmi
Model: ZRFFS01ZM
Size: 340 x 330 x 900mm
Net weight: 3.6kg
Rated voltage: 220V
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Rated power: 25W
Battery type: Lithium Ion battery
Battery capacity: 2800mAh (33.6Wh)

Xiaomi Smartmi Floor Fan

Instructions for Reset Xiaomi Smartmi floor Fan: Hold down 2 buttons on the fan body for about 5 seconds, Open button (circle shape) and fan dial (half circle shape)
Remote connection guide: Press the two buttons at the bottom of the Remote timer (clock image) and rotation speed (picture 3 ripples), then press 1 of 4 any button on the fan body and will hear the fan’s call (beeping) is a successful connection.
Note: When connecting the App, if the ” Parental Controls “feature is turned on, the Remote and the fan buttons will not be used (to protect whoever touched the fan), just turn off this feature. is OK.

Xiaomi Smartmi floor Fan is a smart fan device manufactured by the subsidiary brand of Xiaomi. Basically, the fan has quite a lot of similarities with the previous versions but integrated with smart features to thoroughly solve the problems users encounter in the hot season.

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Xiaomi Smartmi Floor Fan

For the convenience of moving, Xiaomi Smartmi floor Fan of 2nd generation is designed quite compactly with the size of 900 x 340 x 330mm and weighs only 3.6kg. ABS plastic material on the fan also allows fans to maintain their beauty as new and limited to fouling. Meanwhile, the design of the damping shaft behind the fan also helps the fan less affected by external forces. In the structure of this fan, you will find it difficult to see any screws because the manufacturer has used a double locking structure to optimize the exterior beauty of the product.

Besides, the Xiaomi Smartmi floor Fan is also equipped with a fan cage with firm, linear mesh texture. As a result, even if there are small children in your home, you have less to worry about unexpected incidents when your child touches the propeller. At the rear of the fan cage, the manufacturer designed the engine box with a closed structure to prevent dust as well as reducing the noise generated by the engine to only about 31.5dB.

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Xiaomi Smartmi Floor Fan

The 7-rotor structure on the new smartmi fan is also fully utilized to increase the efficiency of two-way dynamic balance on the spindle. For each spin, the rotor will cut sharply into the air and distribute the wind evenly. As a result, the airflow from the fan will become more gentle and comfortable, not as harsh as the conventional electric fans.

Xiaomi Smartmi floor Fan gen 2 smart stand fan has a solid round tray design. In addition to using 2800mAh battery power (33.6Wh), the fan also has the ability to plug in power directly for longer usage time. Calculated from the laboratory, after each full charge and use the battery with certain wind speed at a rotation angle of 120 o, the fan can operate continuously for 20 hours. Of course, this number will change due to different user needs.

In addition, the fan also has the ability to adjust the rotation angle flexibly according to 4 levels of 30 o, 60 o, 90 o, and 120 o. Thanks to that, the fan can boost indoor air circulation and cool all large and small home spaces. After turning off the fan and reopening, the fan will automatically return to the original rotation position to ensure the inherent elegant posture of the device.

Xiaomi Smartmi Floor Fan

Not out of the expectation of users, Xiaomi Smartmi floor Fan can be applied brushless DC motors from Japan. Not only has the ability to operate stably and vigorously but also has the ability to switch motor rotation speed flexibly and with less vibration. Besides, this engine is less wear-resistant and much more energy-efficient than conventional brush engines.

Realizing that natural winds often help people feel healthier and more comfortable than artificial winds, smartmi fan research and development department has collected data on natural wind types. Then analyze and give an algorithm to simulate this type of wind for application on the Xiaomi Smartmi floor Fan. As a result, the fan has the ability to reproduce almost precisely this cool wind by constantly changing the wind speed when rotating. From there, help users feel cool, comfortable like being enjoying the wind and sky.

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Xiaomi Smartmi Floor Fan

Thanks to the high-performance motor that has the ability to convert energy efficiently, Smartmi gen 2 fan also helps users save a lot of electricity. Calculated from the laboratory, the fan can operate at the lowest power of 1.8W in 500 hours, which only consumes about 1kWh of electricity.

Just like the smart features commonly found on Smartmi devices, this Xiaomi Smartmi floor Fan is also capable of remote control by remote. Through Bluetooth wireless connectivity, you can also synchronize fan operation with App Mi Home to control fans right on your smartphone. Here, the app will support 100 functions to adjust the wind speed, fine-tune the rotation angle of 7.5 o or automatically lock to protect safety when using the fan.

Xiaomi Smartmi Floor Fan

On the other hand, Smart standing fan Smartmi can also connect to Xiaomi smart AI speaker to control and switch between operating modes on the fan easily.

Where to buy Xiaomi Smartmi Floor Fan?

The Xiaomi Smartmi Floor Fan is available on gearbest for just $204.06.


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